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How To Choose Your Best Yoga Mat

Whether you’re an all out rookie or a long-lasting aficionado, having the right yoga mat can make an entire universe of a distinction to your training. Some of the time it’s mind-boggling to settle on the best decision with a plenty of mats that are accessible on the lookout. While by far most yoga mats function admirably for any style of yoga, understanding the distinctions will assist you with choosing a mat that meets your requirements. Prepared to Un-roll?

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What’s Your Level?

Your degree of yoga is an impression of your training. It’s great to know where you stand and adjust your necessities in a like manner.


An amateur is somebody who’s simply been acquainted with the game. On the off chance that you’re doing short and clear yoga meetings, becoming familiar with a couple of essential amateur stances and your training goes from 3 to more than seven days.

Things to search for 

When you’re a flat out novice, the hold and thickness matter a great deal. You’re likely doing delicate yoga styles, for example, Hatha, Yin, Restorative or Prenatal, which will more often than not centre around more slow stances and being in touch with the floor, you’ll need a more prominent degree of solace. You ought to pick a mat somewhere in the range of 5 and 8 mm thick to assist with safeguarding your joints. One more quality to search for is “the way simple it’s to move” so that you’re ready to convey it to your classes without a very remarkable issue.


Assuming you’ve been taking the yoga fundamentals class for quite a long time, and you serenely feel comfortable around all essential yoga presents, effectively doing the Downward-Facing Dog or the Tree Pose, it’s most likely a chance to step up and view yourself as a moderate expert.

Things to search for in a yoga mat 

With your work in the evening up to medium force, you’re getting into meetings that will work your muscles and make you burn some serious calories! Since you’re changing into a further developed degree of delicate yoga, you can in any case utilise a mat between 5 to 8mm thickness however this time pick a mat of better quality that can oblige extended periods of time of yoga.


Whenever you’ve been doing asanas reliably after some time, getting more grounded and more adaptable and progressively testing presents have become more available, you’ve moved onto a further developed level of your training. You’ve recently entered a universe of extreme focus yoga.

Things to search for 

If you’re doing dynamic yoga, for example, ashtanga, vinyasa or in a warm room like Bikram/hot yoga where you do bunches of standing postures requiring great equilibrium, your main concern is steadiness and a lot of hold with the goal that you don’t slip. The best thing is thus a more slender mat, somewhere in the range of 1 and 5 mm most extreme. You can likewise add a meagre unadulterated elastic mat for the most extreme hold, particularly for asanas like a descending confronting canine.


In the event that you’re anticipating acquainting your children with the superb universe of yoga then, at that point, the following are a couple of mats we suggest for training.

Thickness And Weight

You’ll have a strong contact with the floor, which is important for some postures. They’re additionally improbable to catch during streams, in contrast to thicker mats.

Materials And Durability

It is generally expected, and valid, that yoga mats that are thicker last longer than flimsy mats. Simply know- – mats of all thicknesses keep going seemingly forever, so this probably won’t be a worry. 

PVC is a plastic-based material that many mats are made of. It’s solid, cleanable and grippy. It’s likewise plastic free, a thought in the event that you have plastic sensitivities. However, it’s not biodegradable or as ecologically great as different choices.

TPE, or thermoplastic elastomer, is a human-made mix of plastic and elastic polymers. These mats are normally more harmless to the ecosystem than PVC and some are even totally recyclable.

Eco or normal mats are made of things like regular elastic, cotton and jute. They’re normally less grippy on the floor, yet they’ll offer a lot of footing against your hands and feet. They aren’t truly solid like PVC, yet they’re worth the torment on the off chance that supportability is fundamentally important.


It’s rarely discussed, yet yoga can be an expensive practice to participate in. Assuming you’re new to yoga, maybe stay with a somewhat more affordable mat- – you can alway update!

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