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How To Check The Quality Of Your Content As A Content Writing Company

You’ve consumed content on how to write a content, did proper planning, wrote and modified your strategy and now you are thinking, “Should I publish? Should I not?”

Well. Don’t.

As a content writing company, before releasing anything on the web, you need to keep one thing in mind : the quality.

The two crucial characteristics that set your content apart from the rest are quality and originality. So, what exactly is quality content?

Let’s know it.

What is Quality Content?

The drive to create content fast as possible, to be the first to publish those seasonal content, to jump on the trendwagon in this competitive market sometimes forces us as a content writing company to make a difficult choice.

Do we write and publish simply to get something out there for people to read?

Or do we put forth the effort to create high-quality content for our target audience?

The solution? Take a breath. Always remember, quality over quantity.

The content world is actually an ocean right now due to thousands of content being posted daily. And due to that, readers have also evolved themselves to be mindful of what they are kuşadasi escort  consuming. To tell them that you’re worth their time and to increase your credibility, your content must clearly and consistently meet a need for your audience.

It must be unique, well-researched, grammatically and factually correct content. It should be based on trustworthy sources and include relevant links.

Every content quality assessment has a few critical components. They’re listed below. Your content must pass the following quality checks before you hit the publish button finally:


Plagiarism is when you copy someone else’s work or idea in your own piece of content. Apart from being immoral and illegal, plagiarism has a negative impact on SEO rankings and can have serious consequences. You may avoid this by using many internet tools to ensure your work is original and distinctive. The names of such tools are Copyscape, Unicheck, DupliChecker, 1text, smallseotools etc. These are some of the best online plagiarism detection tools for creating and publishing plagiarism-free work.


It’s critical to include correct information in your content because it will affect your credibility as a content writing company. As a result, you must rely on trustworthy sources such as newspapers, journals, and research papers, as well as blogs from well-known organisations. You can cite the sources to maintain transparency with the readers.

Right Grammar and spelling

Typing mistakes and grammatical errors are common when writing. So, it’s crucial to go through your text again. Previously, all of it used to be checked manually, but now with the help of the internet it has become much easier. You can use Grammarly, Ginger, ProWritingAid etc to check your grammar after you are done writing the content.

Consistency in branding

Every company that creates content has a specific aim in mind, no matter if it is to inform their target audience or promote a new product or service, they will want to keep their tone of voice easygoing, conversational, actionable, or quirky, depending on their goal. However, this should be the case in all of your communications, including the content you create. As a result, as a content writing company, you must align your work with a brand’s chosen voice. The easiest way to achieve consistency in your material is to follow a content style guide.

Keyword selection and content quality checking

Keywords are an important aspect of any content, especially if the only goal of content creation is SEO. However, keywords should be used mindfully because overuse of keywords leads to keyword stuffing, which has a detrimental influence on SEO rankings. After thoroughly assessing your content, you can check your content quality score by using a content quality checker like SEMrush.


When you write and edit, remembering these five things can save you and the editor a lot of time. This also decreases the number of feedback and iterations, resulting in faster approval of content. And all of this contributes to your positive image as a content writing company and helps you to stand out from the crowd.

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