How to Be a High Ticket Closer

Once a prospect is booked on your calendar, you need to qualify them. Most high ticket closer qualify prospects by asking questions, engaging in direct messages, or even texting them. You need to understand their pain points, aspirations, and goals. That way, you can sell them a solution to solve their problems. Scripts and templates don’t make you a high ticket closer – personalization is the key.

Dan Lok’s training program

Dan Lok’s training program for high ticket closers is aimed at anyone who is interested in closing deals. It is intended for stay-at-home moms and unpaid workers, as well as business owners who want to be more successful at closing deals. The training program covers terminology and skills to close deals, including high ticket offers. High ticket offers are those that cost a lot of money, and are designed to attract high-net-worth clients.

The training program is expensive and takes a lot of time, but it’s worth every penny for the skills that it imparts. After all, it takes practice to perfect the art of closing a deal. Regardless of how expensive and time-consuming the program may be, it is backed by Dan’s own sales team, so you’re guaranteed to learn the skills you need to be successful.

Dan Lok’s experience as a high ticket closer

The High Ticket Closer course is comprised of 7 weeks of training. This program covers high ticket mindset, human psychology, call-closing techniques, handling objections, finding high ticket sales partners, and making six figures. The course is conducted in live training classes, so participants can ask questions. The live classes make the course more engaging than pre-recorded material. After completing the course, Dan Lok will answer your questions one-on-one.

A high ticket closer does not spend hours chasing prospects and making sales presentations. Instead, they engage with warm leads who already know what they want. High ticket sales are generally more than three thousand dollars, but can go as high as one million dollars. It’s crucial to find a client who meets the specific needs of a high ticket buyer. This type of high-ticket closer job is more in tune with the gig economy phenomenon, where people are shifting into freelancing beylikdüzü escort roles.

Scripts and templates don’t make you a high ticket closer

A high ticket closer is a highly-skilled person who lives and breathes sales. He or she understands the fundamentals like a part of the body. There are too many people who think they’re “pros” just because they make money selling to customers. However, scripts and templates don’t make you a high ticket closer. It takes a certain type of person to become a high ticket closer.

A high-ticket closer has a proven approach to closing, rather than a single tactic. During the call, a high-ticket salesperson pushes for something bigger than money. Rather than focusing on money, a high ticket closeter focuses on pushing for something greater than himself. This pushes the buyer to buy. This mindset is critical for success in sales, so scripts and templates don’t make you a high-ticket closeter.

Personalization is key

If you’re looking for the keys to being a high ticket close, personalization is the key. While most high ticket shoppers start their journey online, you can still offer ultra-human service. For example, embed a live video chat on your website, such as Service Bell, and allow customers to connect with your sales team face-to-face whenever they have a question or need assistance. Personalization is the key to standing out from the competition and establishing rapport that can lead to high ticket sales.

Personalized service is highly desired by customers. In fact, 80% of customers would prefer to purchase from a company that knows them. But few companies provide this level of personalized service. Personalized service also opens up new avenues for cross-sells and upsells. In fact, marketers have seen their revenue rise 15% or more after implementing personalized marketing. For small businesses, personalization is the key to becoming a high ticket closer.

Dan Lok’s 8-step sales process

Getting more sales from the high-ticket items is not always as easy as it sounds. Dan Lok has developed a training program called High Ticket Closer. This program teaches the skills and psychology needed to close high-ticket deals. The training program starts by zenci escort teaching you how to identify a high-ticket product and market it effectively. Then, the course covers the psychology of selling high-ticket items.

Unlike other sales training courses, Dan Lok’s method is practical and focused on human psychology and how to use it to your advantage. Dan’s training method involves role-playing scenarios and video coaching, so students are ready to close more sales. He also teaches the sales scripts that high ticket closers use in their daily lives business. The training includes a video of Dan Lok’s high-ticket closers using this script to close more deals.

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