How to attract Twitter followers? Step by step guide for 2022

How to get 1000 people to follow you quickly on Twitter

The editorial strategy for Twitter Ads Management Company is different from that for Instagram or Facebook. On this social network, it is necessary to publish more often (the ideal is 3-7 tweets per day) to attract the attention of new users and keep old ones. The important thing is to find the right balance between posting enough tweets and spamming the feed.

Optimize posting times

One of the best ways to attract Twitter followers is to optimize posting times. The publication of your tweets should coincide with the online presence of your target audience. To avoid missing out on these optimal moments, especially if you live in a different time zone, use a scheduled publishing service such as Postoplan.

It is a free tool that will help you increase the number of Twitter followers. In the service interface, you can schedule the publication of your tweets one week in advance. There is also an editorial calendar with post ideas for each day, an image generator, the ability to store hashtags, and other useful features.

Post visual content often

Most of the content on Twitter Ads Management Company is text-based – including news, jokes, tips, reflections on certain topics, etc. Therefore, images and videos in the feed immediately catch the eye and grab the attention of users. Take advantage of this social network feature and post more visual content (trailers of your videos from other social networks, photos, gifs, memes, etc.).

Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags help your tweet get more views on this social network. With the right combination of hashtags, your account is very likely to be seen by users who belong to your target audience, and who will become your new Twitter followers. The more you do this, the better you will learn over time to match hashtags.

Use thematic and industry-specific hashtags, do not put them at random.
Choose the most popular hashtags that match the topic of your tweet.
Don’t add too many hashtags so your tweet doesn’t look like spam.

Interact with your audience

Interact with users to increase their interest in your account. Don’t just tweet, organize polls, and actively respond to comments. Engage in discussions in the comments section of your page and others’ pages, repost, and so on. Actively participate in the dialogue with your followers and potential subscribers.

Create an engaging profile

Twitter users need to understand what kind of page they are visiting:

Put a high-quality profile picture or your company logo in the case of a commercial account.
Fill out the profile description. Enter some relevant tags, industry keywords, geographic location information, and so on.
Pin your most popular tweet or a tweet with your most relevant news at the top.
Attract followers outside of Twitter

Post your Twitter account link on other social networks. Take screenshots of your tweets and post them in your profiles with a link written as “read more” or “follow the link”. This way, you will organically get more Twitter followers inside and outside this network.

Use bio and location

The compiled bio and location attract not only users but search engine robots as well. Your account will rank better in search results and be clicked on more often (essential for brands).

Focus on micro-influencers

Advertise on Twitter Ads Management Company via micro-influencers to attract more subscribers to your page. This can be swap deals, reciprocal reposting from each other’s feeds, or a trading post in exchange for cash compensation. From small thematic blogs, you usually get a loyal audience that will stick with you for a long time.

Run a follower campaign

The easiest way to attract Twitter followers is to run an advertising campaign in the Twitter Ads Manager. Ads look like regular tweets, only they are marked as ads. They will appear in the feeds of your target audience and will be accompanied by a link to your page.

Have your account verified

Twitter verification is a blue checkmark next to your name or company or brand name. These accounts are perceived by users as more trustworthy. People are more likely to sign up for a verified account than a simple account. We explained in another article how to get verified on Twitter.

Don’t spam

Nobody likes having their feed clogged with tweets from the same account. Stick to the rule of not posting more than 7 tweets a day, otherwise, you risk losing followers rather than attracting them.

Embed your Twitter feed on your website

If you manage a corporate Twitter account, be sure to link it to the corporate website in the Contact section. It’s another way to attract organic audiences from outside of Twitter. You can also encourage site visitors to subscribe to your page, for example by offering them a discount or a small gift on their next purchase.

How to get rid of Twitter followers

Clicking on your profile picture will bring up a tab with your account information.
Go to the list of your Twitter followers and click on the icon of the first person you want to block.
Go to the subscriber’s profile and click on the three-dot sign to the right of the Follow button.
In the drop-down menu, select the option to block the user.

How to attract Twitter followers from Facebook

On your Facebook profile, post links to Twitter in your description and posts with an invitation to follow you.
Start an advertising campaign on Facebook and insert a link to your Twitter account in the ads.
How to attract Twitter followers via hashtags
Use thematic and niche hashtags in each post, but don’t go overboard with their number.
Don’t use popular hashtags if they don’t fit the topic of your tweet, it’s a practice that annoys users.
How to get bots to follow you on Twitter

Do not use bots to deceive the number of followers on Twitter. The administration of the social network may block your account.

How to attract famous followers on Twitter

For famous users to follow you, your account must be well developed and interesting. Usually, celebrities follow peers (actors, models, singers, and so on), news feeds, major advertising agencies, etc.

You can start developing your account using the Postoplan scheduled publication service. Start by posting tweets regularly, never skipping a day. This will fuel public interest and bring you, new subscribers. Try scheduling tweets for tomorrow now. It’s free!

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