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How Should I Get My Business Listed on Google Maps?

Google Maps have proven to be a useful tool for businesses seeking to contact existing and new clients, over the last few years. Learning how to add your company to Google Maps is an easy and cost-free technique. Moreover, getting listed on Google will further expand your marketing reach and increase client trust. If you add your company to Google Maps, it can enhance local revenue and raise community awareness as well.

Google Maps, originally Google Places, has become part of the Google My Business dashboard. Google’s dashboard controls and measures your online presence across many Google platforms such as Google Local (Google Maps), Google+, Google Analytics, and Adwords.

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As you prepare to build your listing, please remember that sometimes Google may include companies from neighboring areas in “Local” search results (Maps).Moreover, if you own a physical address then only you are permitted to register your company in the same town or city.

While appearing on Google’s top page will improve website traffic, appearing on Google Maps will enhance traffic to your store. When you list your company on Google Maps, you are opening the door for better brand exposure.

Today we will be sharing a few steps, on‘how to get my business listed on Google?’

1. Create or login into a Google My Business account

Log in to your business account on Google’s My Business site. Additionally, you can establish a Google account for your organization by going to the Google sign-in page and then choosing tocreate an account.If you already have an established company, you may already exist in the Google My Business directory. Then all you have to do is just claim your business. Moreover, if you have new businesses or locations then they must be added.

2. Inset new location

Once you’ve created an account and logged in, navigate to your Business homepage and select the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner. A side menu with the option to ‘add new location’ will emerge. Insert your company’s information, along with its name, address, business type or category, phone number, and website. Try adding more detailed information.

This will help you gain more trust with your online customers. Finally, you’ll need to place a pin on the map to validate your business’s location.While adding details, add the more precise and correct information. This will further help Google to properly identify and show your business in the listing.

Selection of Category

Towards the bottom of the form, you will be required to select a category that best defines your business. The category option is essential because it helps Google to categorize your business and the kind of search term for which it would show your listing.

Google has predefined Categories, or keywords, for every sector. Start putting your keyword into Google to check whether it yields any results, and then choose the ideal one. Later on, you will have the option to add other categories, maybe upto 5 of them.

3. Verify your Business

The next stage is for Google to validate that you are. If you do not physically reside in a place or location, then you cannot claim a business for that particular location.  To claim your post, you must have access to your business address.

will then mail you a postcard including a PIN, for completing the registration procedure. When you get the PIN, input it into your My Business account to activate your business profile.

4. Complete your business profile

Once your account is active, you should fill up your profile with all the necessary information. Over half of people who search ‘near me’ on Google visit the business that appears in the search results near their location. Hence, you must provide plenty of information to your prospective consumers.

5. Enhance your Google Maps Business Profile

Improve your business profile so that it provides the users with the exact information they are looking for. Add features and client reviews to your profile to help you stand apart from the competition. Furthermore, potential clients will know what your business provides and it will boost the chances of them visiting your store.

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Include a professional cover photo and other pictures of your business to offer clients a visual representation of what your business stands for. Verify each of your important details. For example, your phone number and website, are accurate and include your opening hours and a brief description of your business. Improve your listing by including any beneficial features such as free Wi-Fi or availability of wheelchair.

Since you have learned how to add a business to Google Maps, be sure to maintain updated information. Business Profile on Google is a simple method to get your firm discovered online. Follow these few easy steps, and you know how to get listed on Google.

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