How Covid-19 impacted the PhD students of the UK?

Pandemics come very rarely. Usually just once in a century. However, they have a great toll on the lives of the people. One such pandemic which the world is now facing is the covid-19. The impacts of COVID-19 are so vast that they cover each and every sphere of our lives. Whether it is your work life, your student life, or even simple life at home, all are impacted by the presence of Covid-19.

Campuses at universities and colleges are sites where students live and study in close quarters. They’re also humming cultural hotspots where students from all around the world congregate.

The fast spread of the coronavirus outbreak has recently undermined the foundations of this unique ecology, causing uncertainty about the ramifications for higher education. And PhD students are no exception in this case. This is the reason why many students now buy dissertation online UK or any other country-based instead of writing themselves.

Schools, colleges, universities, all are being closed owing to the pandemic. There is no doubt that being outdoors in the pandemic situation can be life-threatening. And when it comes to priorities, nothing is more important than your health and your life. But studying is an essential part of life too. PhD students in the United Kingdom are desperately waiting for the educational institutions to reopen.

Following are mentioned some of the ways in which Covid-19 impacted the PhD students of the UK:

Mental stress

The biggest and the worst outcome of COVID-19 that indeed everyone is facing is mental stress. This is one bad condition that can hinder you from doing anything at all.

The PhD students are already under huge responsibilities. They are not young kids or graduates. Of course, they are grown-up adults who mostly have jobs and their own families as well to look after. And the COVID-19 is in fact disturbing every sort of routine. Into the bargain, staying at home all the time and being afraid of going out is a great source of mental stress too.

This whole situation seems to be coming out of some sort of Hollywood movie where you are always under the apprehension of what might happen next. The situation in the country, the death counts in the UK, such factors are also affecting the mental health of the PhD students present there.

Academic pressure

The pressure of studying is way too much on any PhD student even under normal conditions. However, the pandemic situation has greatly increased the stress of keeping up with the studies. The academic pressure that the PhD students in the United Kingdom are now facing is unparalleled.

They are always worrying about how would they be able to conduct their whole research and write a whole dissertation on their own. Yes, under the current situation, the PhD students in the UK feel like they are alone in this struggle. This means they feel a lack of connectivity with their educational systems.

On top of that, the dissertation that they have to write usually comprises ten thousand words. This is a lot of work to do alone at home. Hence, many students are seeking dissertation help UK-based, present online through which they efficiently complete their work.

Lack of in-person interaction with the supervisor

No matter what anyone might say, there’s nothing like face-to-face contact with the other person. And when it comes to the purpose of studying, every student definitely needs to have an in-person interaction with his teachers.

But the PhD students of the UK are unable to have in-person sessions with their assigned supervisors in this pandemic situation. These students need constant guidelines from their supervisor in whatever they do. Studies have shown that communication skills play a vital role and one must have mastery over these skills to get success in their respective fields (Roa, 2019).

Different sorts of ambiguities

Having considered that, it is not just about having less help in your course of studies or not being able to succeed as much due to the lack of in-person interactions.

The other problem that the students of PhD in the UK are facing is the abundant ambiguities that arise due to lack of good interaction. Many a time, students are not sure how they ought to proceed in their work and whatever they are doing whether it is right or wrong.

Unable to make good use of online classes

Although online classes are the best possible solution in the present scenario, they are not enough.

Many students even face difficulty in keeping up with the technology. Most of their attention gets diverted towards adjusting technicalities. They miss being on-campus where they could spend much more time and seek the aid of their supervisor whenever they wanted.

Difficulty in collecting resources and conducting surveys

Data collection is always the most time-consuming and exhausting part of completing the research or any other assigned work.

As the PhD students in the UK are not able to able to interact with the university students present abundantly at the campus, they are facing difficulty in getting their surveys filled out.

Also, universities are a great source or collecting secondary resources in terms of the vast amounts of books that they have in the seminar library. Now the PhD students in the UK are not even able to access those.

Lack of practical labs

This again is one of the greatest difficulties for the students of PhD who belong to the field of sciences. They need to carry out critical experiments in the labs. Of course, no student can afford to have such expensive apparatuses and chemicals at their homes through which they could carry out their research. Also, such experimentation again requires in-person guidance from the supervisor.

But the PhD students are now facing this adverse impact of COVID-19 among many others.


Rao, P.S., 2019. The importance of speaking skills in English classrooms. Alford Council of International English & Literature Journal (ACIELJ)2(2), pp.6-18.

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