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How Can I Scrape Data From LinkedIn Profiles?

LinkedIn Profile Scraper

What Is LinkedIn?

With over 800 million users, LinkedIn is the best b2b lead generation platform of the modern age. You should create an account on LinkedIn Profile Scraper to grow your business. You can compete with your competitors and strategize your next business move.

It’s all for the average LinkedIn user, who I am, and who you should be.

However, for the scraper, LinkedIn has an entirely different meaning. Instead of connecting manually with people in an industry, Web Scraping Tools see LinkedIn as a gold-filled mine of personal information. A mine with 800+ million (and growing) professionals, all of which can be harvested in a variety of ways. Then there are user profiles on LinkedIn, which can be scraped by using LinkedIn Lead Extractor software.

Why Scrape LinkedIn?

The answer should be clear: to get all that information for marketing purposes. User profiles have names, email addresses, industries, experience, skill competencies, etc. Companies have employee data, job posting content, and product details on a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is an ocean of professionals and companies in the workforce, and they keep their info up to date. This data is incredibly valuable. Of course, you can’t scrape all the data from LinkedIn manually. But you can scrape some of it on a daily basis by using the best LinkedIn Scraper tool.

What Is A LinkedIn Profile Scraper?

LinkedIn Profile Extractor is a tool that can find and scrape data from LinkedIn user and business profiles automatically for different industries and countries. Scraping LinkedIn profiles is a huge help especially to those who are recruiting, branding, freelancing, and marketing fields.

These tools allow users to extract personal contact information from people’s LinkedIn profile pages into a CSV or Excel file format.

A Powerful LinkedIn Scraper will take a simple LinkedIn profile URL or username or company name as an input and return to you all the available data from LinkedIn profile such as user/company name, staff, work history, email address, phone number, and more – all in a ready-to-download spreadsheet.

A LinkedIn Profile Scraper will help you to:

  • Scrape the LinkedIn profiles for data to use in your marketing campaigns.
  • Find email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact details that help in recruiting and marketing.
  • Gather new LinkedIn data in your spreadsheet daily by setting the LinkedIn Lead Extractor to launch repeatedly
  • All of this is done automatically with a click of a mouse. It means you don’t need to find, copy-paste, export, and organize data. You just have to type your keywords and start extraction.

What Are The Best Tools To Scrape Data From LinkedIn Profiles?

Here are the 2 most used tools for you to scrape data from LinkedIn profiles in bulk. They are the most demanding and best LinkedIn lead generation tools available in the market now.

  1. LinkedIn Lead Extractor

Profile Extractor LinkedIn mimics human behavior when finding and extracting data from LinkedIn profiles. Email finder LinkedIn scrapes data from LinkedIn profiles and then exports it into an excel or CSV file for use. The collected data can help you in different marketing campaigns like email marketing, telemarketing, etc. It is also known for its advanced LinkedIn scraping features that include scheduled scraping and proxy rotation to help you remain undetected.


You can use it for 3 days to check the efficiency of the software but can’t export data in CSV or Excel files in the free version. The Paid plans go for $60 for 3 months.

  1. LinkedIn Company Extractor

LinkedIn Company Data Extractor is a handy tool for scraping business data from LinkedIn company profiles. It extracts data from URLs, zip codes, and business names, and exports it to CSV files, and excel-sheets. It comes in the form of a desktop application and scrapes data without writing any code.


The desktop version is free but with data export limitations. The paid version goes for $60 for 3 months.

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