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Best Home Remedies for Stomach Pain That Really Work

In general, home remedies for stomach pain are the home-based treatment for curing any type of abdominal pain. By the word “any type”, one must clear their mind that stomach pain may be of different types. In simple words, stomach pain can have different or the same nature and origin. Therefore, we have numerous home remedies to cure stomach pain.

Let’s narrow down the topic and find how many different kinds of stomach pain we meet in our daily routines. Can these stomach pains be treated at home? For making a clear picture of abdominal pain and its herbal home remedy, stay active.

Is Stomach Pain a Disease or a Symptom of Disease?

It is not worthwhile to consider stomach pain a disease. Most of the time, stomach pain appears as a symptom of the disease. The related disease can be mild or severe. Therefore, we should not neglect any type of

What Does Stomach Pain Feel like?

It is not compulsory to have the same sensation of stomach pain. As we know that stomach pain may arise due to multiple reasons, so it can have different forms with slight differences. For example,

  • A cramp-like pain
  • The stomach pain feeling like a wave moving inside
  • A delocalized pain
  • Short-term pain
  • Periodic pain
  • Persistent pain
  • A Mild pain

The first thing to remember is:

It is necessary to clearly diagnose the nature of your pain before moving towards different home remedies for stomach pain.

Is there any Treatment for my Stomach Pain?

Of course, we have a set of home remedies for stomach pain. Here we have mentioned some common reasons together with the home remedies for stomach pain respectively.

Stomach Pain in Diarrhea

Normal causes of stomach pain in diarrhea are food poisoning, stomach infections, stress, and other viral and bacterial attacks. All these causes uncontrolled movement of abdominal muscles. Even they induce unnecessary bowel movements.

The home remedies for stomach pain diarrhea include the BRAT diet. This diet, being low in carb and fat, does not put a burden on the stomach.

Stomach Pain in Constipation

A person can meet mild or moderate stomach pain by constipation as well. It happens so due to gas accumulation in the abdomen. The simplest way to get relief is via home remedies for stomach problems. Firstly, one must increase fibre uptake to avoid constipation at first stance. Secondly, a gentle abdominal massage with a suitable oil helps the choked stool piece to move forward.

Stomach Pain in Menses

Females go through a dull, throbbing, cramping pain in their menstrual cycle. This occurs due to uterine contractions induced by prostaglandin hormones as a part of a natural mechanism.  Sometimes this pain becomes unbearable due to more secretion of respective hormones.

Having an OTC med such as a pain killer immediately is not a wise choice. Therefore, we employ home remedies for stomach pain in period. Laying down with legs slightly upward and applying a heating pad on the abdominal area soothes such cramps. As a result, uterine contraction becomes bearable.

Stomach Pain in Appendicitis

Stomach pain due to appendicitis is usually so mild that people often neglect it. That’s why when it causes severe pain, it requires intensive care. One must hurry to reach a nearby hospital because they need medical assistance. The inflammatory duct must be removed otherwise it will burst inside your abdomen causing a life-threatening condition.

The home remedies for stomach pain in appendicitis include 1g of grinded gram seed in water. Take this mixture for at least 3 days. This home remedy is only applicable when the pain is mild and appendicitis is diagnosed in early stages.

Stomach pain in Hypoglycemia

Normally, a hypoglycemic patient has stomach pain when they have missed their meal. These hunger pangs alarm them to eat something. The home remedies for stomach pain (badhazmi ka ilaj) in such a situation include eating. Eat something sweet to balance the blood sugar.


Indeed, we have plenty of home remedies for abdominal pain. Only thing we have to do is to find the root cause behind any type of stomach pain. By this, we can decide which type of home remedies for abdominal pain are perfect for quick recovery. The amazing fact about these home remedies for stomach pain is that they are easy to access. You can try them at home with little or no effort.

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