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Homeowners often get stranded at crossroads while searching for the best indoor tiles. The abundance of variety gets confusing, whether for new construction or home renovation. The market is saturated with thousands of options in colour, finish, price, aesthetics, and usage. So, what factor should you consider while picking indoor tiles? Here are the factors that will help you make that decision and create a beautiful indoor space.   

 Location – Where are you installing them? 

The primary condition while choosing indoor tiles is to know the location of their installation. The room or space where you will install the tiles influences the kind of stone you will pick. For instance, you can lay Travertine indoor tiles in your bedroom or living room for the beautiful colour and aesthetics they offer. You can go for Travertine in a honed finish with minimal holes on the surface and has a matt effect. You can also choose Marble tiles for these spaces. En özel ve seksi kadınlardan Ataköy 20 Yaş’ında Escort Genç Mehtap | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. For kitchen space, you may not want to use Granite tiles because of the rough exfoliated finish that is too harsh for your feet. Indoor tiles for the kitchen can be anything from light-coloured Travertine to medium-toned Limestone tiles. For bathroom spaces go for water-resistant floor tiles like Slatestone.  

 Durability- Will they last long? 

Natural stone indoor tiles must be durable enough to endure footfall and wear & tear. Floor tiles starting from 12 to 15 mm in thickness do not shatter or break easily. Ceramic tiles are hence not used on the floors. Travertine tiles, Limestone Tiles, and Marble Tiles are durable stones that last long. Granite is the natural stone that tops the list of most robust natural stones but be careful not to walk on them barefoot. The durability of the stones also depends on the method of installation. If installed and maintained well, indoor tiles last an eternity. We will talk about maintenance in the next point.  

 Frequency of Maintenance- How easy is the upkeep?  

While maintaining natural stones is the key to elongating their lifespan, you may not want to keep cleaning or maintaining them frequently. For instance, you have elegant, soft-coloured Travertine tiles in your living room where you host gatherings and parties. Food spills or wine/juice stains are inevitable in such situations. Once the stains get old, it becomes difficult to get rid of them. The same is true for any light-coloured natural stone tile. Therefore, if you choose dark floor tiles in shades like black, brown, or grey, the stains do not show quickly, and the tiles do not need frequent cleaning. If the indoor tiles are unfilled, the frequency of maintenance might be slightly higher. You can prevent stains, dust accumulation, or moisture damage by sealing the stones and blocking the pores on the surface. The application of sealant twice annually is recommended to maintain your indoor tiles. 

 Ease of Repair- If you can replace and fix them 

This is a common scenario in households. What if the indoor tiles break, crack or chip off? Let us make that easy for you. You can easily remove a damaged tile and replace it with a matching-coloured stone. Since natural stones have a slight variation, no two stones will ever look alike. That takes away the worry of exact matching. Just pick the same type of tile in the closest available shade and voila, you are done! You can keep a few extra tiles at home for such incidents. Remove the grout with the help of a grout saw or tile saw. To remove the tile, use a hammer and chisel to remove part of the tile. Then place the chisel under the remaining tile and separate it from the subfloor. May a time homeowners do this on their own. If this seems difficult, call a tiler or specialist to replace the damaged tile. For small wear & tear or chipping of tiles, the job is often done with epoxy resin or applying light coloured grout. Natural stone indoor tiles always hold an advantage over hardwood and vinyl. 

 Slip Resistant- If they are safe for indoor use 

You do not want your loved ones hurting themselves by slipping on the tiles. Be it your kitchen, bathroom, indoor pool, or living room, the tiles must be safe for walking. Tiles that are polished and have a glossy shine are the ones with a substantial risk of slipping. Undoubtedly, they look good and add to the aesthetic value of indoor space, but a small puddle of water on the floor or fast walking can lead to skidding and slipping. En özel ve seksi kadınlardan Mecidiyeköy Çekici Escort Sevtap | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. Therefore, it is advised to install indoor tiles with slip-resistant finish or unfilled & tumbled finish, honed finish, and/or natural split finish. The textured surface offers a safe footing and prevents falling. The best way to find out about the safety of indoor tiles is to ask for a slip rating report available with the tilers or stone suppliers.  

 Aesthetics- Complementing your home style  

Indoor Tiles come in a variety of colours and designs. Choosing the suitable ones for your indoor space often depends on what style you want to create. Usually, homeowners have light-hued walls and accessories to make the room look bigger or more spacious. If you are among them, go for dark shades of floor tiles. Dark floor tiles balance the light colours of walls and furnishings, making the room feel bigger. If monotoned colours are not to your taste, choose multicoloured floor tiles to add a unique element of fun. Those who want a safe balance between too dark and too light can pick grey indoor tiles that encompass bold and chic together.  


Apart from the above-mentioned factors, cost plays a significant role in the selection of indoor tiles. Indoor tiles that do not fit into your budget will not make it to your consideration list. It is advisable to discuss the cost with your supplier or seller and then list out the factors or your requirements.

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