Guide to writing an explanatory essay.

Simply put, an explanatory essay reveals facts about a topic. It connects the reader with information about the situation, person, concept, or phenomenon and explains something about them. It does not seek to persuade the reader from a particular point of view or present convincing arguments. An explanatory essay aims to educate the reader about something, so it is based on facts, not personal opinions. Find the best essay services with HIH

What is explanatory writing?

Because explanatory writing conveys information to the reader, many writings encountered in everyday life are exemplary. This includes articles found in newspapers, magazines, websites, social media listings, research articles, textbooks, business communications, etc. Expository writing is the most common form of writing globally, offered by Essay Writing Service, covering everything from providing information about your day to explaining your work project.

Remember that the main difference between explanatory writing and other forms of writing is that the purpose is not to persuade or convince someone but simply to convey information. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use descriptive, narrative, or persuasive writing techniques to make your presentation more interesting. Borrowing techniques from descriptive or narrative writing can make the information you convey more real to the reader. You use explanatory writing techniques to present facts and figures compellingly.

When writing an explanatory essay, use facts and logic instead of personal opinions or subjective truths. An explanatory essay definition can be “a piece of writing designed to reveal facts about a particular topic,” meaning that the reader can expect reliable information on a topic presented logically. Depending on the type of explanatory writing, you may need to structure it differently, but using Essay writing help is always helpful for conducting research and visualizing the flow of the essay.

Different types of expository essays.

Writing an explanatory essay can be easier if you know about different types of explanatory essays. Because explanatory writing can take many forms, learning about different types of essays can help you choose a topic and plan the general course and structure of the essay. The following list of different types of essays is not exhaustive but includes the most common ones you will encounter in an academic situation.

Process tests

You can consider the process essays as an official guide. This type of essay aims to provide a step-by-step explanation of how to do something. A typical process essay presents what has been learned in the introductory section, uses the main sections to give step-by-step instructions, and summarizes the importance of what has been learned. The process essay can include, for example, “how to take care of your dog” or as complex as “6 ways to expand your digital marketing business online”.

Compare and Contrast Essays

Compare and contrast essays that discuss the topic, noting how it is similar to or different from anything else. However, keep in mind that this is an explanatory essay, so the purpose of a comparison or contrast is not to decide whether one is better or worse but rather to provide information and let the reader decide for themselves. Benchmark essays can focus on similarities, differences, or both.

Cause and effect essays

Cause and effect essays look at how something happened or what the effect was. Provides information about the relationship between the two related topics. An essay about the effects of bullying on self-esteem as an adult is an example of a cause-and-effect essay. Cause and effect essays examine why things happened or what the effects might be and can point out interesting connections or highlight information about cause or effect.

Classification tests

Classification essays compare different things in the same category, highlighting what makes them different from one another and indicating what places them in the same category. For example, in an essay on casual video games, we can talk about games like Mario Party and Candy Crush and explain why they are both considered casual games even though they exist on different platforms. Classification essays can be particularly interesting when trying to fit something into a classification form to which it does not normally belong.

Definition essays

A definition essay, or descriptive essay, is one of the purest forms of explanatory writing

because it is intended to provide information that defines a topic. This can be made

more interesting by providing information about the history of the topic,

the etymology of the word, and how the definition has changed or will change over time.

A definition essay provides a dictionary definition of a word and provides information that broadens the general idea of ​​the term by explaining it thoroughly.

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