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What is Vector Art?

Do Embroidery Digizting is a vector art company that delivers swift and cheap custom vector services online. We provide the work in the most unbelievable turnaround time. We also deliver work in as quick as 9 hours. Our high-quality vector graphics services are now obtainable for same-day service. Our services start at the cheapest rates possible. We can deliver the files as Adobe Illustrator files, and not compromise the quality.

Choose us for your vector services:

The dissimilarity between vector and raster can be seen in the raster image file (bitmap image), as it is made of pixels, and the vector file is not. The quality lowers for graphics like raster graphics if the size of the file is first small and then increased. On the other hand, the vector images can be of any size. Vector images consist of geometrical shapes, points lines, and line curves that somewhat look like mathematic equations and mumbo jumbo. However, these images compose of lines rather than a batch of small squares, also commonly known as pixels. We can convert any raster file into a vector format, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, EPS, SVG, AI, PDF, etc.

Vector files are easy to print, which is why we use them for screen printing, vinyl cutting, digital printing, and laser engraving. We primarily use it to print on t-shirts, business cards, labels, vinyl, other apparel, and much more.

We supply vector art services at an affordable rate, prompt turnaround time. Our work always consists of high-grade quality.

Our extraordinary services include:

  • Lowest possible rates: Most of the assignments given for vector services are completed for the lowest rates within a 24 hour turnaround time. Although, our topmost priority is to do the work even in less than 24 hours. We send the link to the artwork via email. Our artists that are controlling the vector services projects are highly capable and have long-standing knowledge within the industry. Our extraordinary vector services are given to our valuable customers after complete satisfaction.
  • Convenient services: Another way to guarantee delight in our customers is in our vector service billing system. We do the billing of our vector art services at the end of every month so that you do not have to pay for any vector service orders in that month. This step ensures that you are entirely happy with our work before we charge you for it. We appoint this billing system to gain the trust of our customers. We want our clients to develop relations with us through our vector services.

  • Super easy: One of the most beneficial elements of our vector service is its simplicity. It merely takes a couple of minutes to sign up for a free account at Do Embroidery Digitizing. Once signed up, you can upload artwork. Once you present a vector service order, you will receive a validation email for that vector artwork service order with the order number and added information. When the job is complete, our customer service representatives will send you an email straight away, including a link in which you can download your completed high-quality vector files.

If you want to try the best vector art services, then head over to our website and experience the finest!


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