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Effective And Safe Ways to Transport Bike In 2022

The feeling of moving to a new place is always exciting. But the only concern that keeps everyone feared is the transportation security of their bike moving from one city to another. So, what are the effective and safe ways to transport a bike? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the possible ways to transport your vehicle from one city to another.

Transporting bike via Train

Traveling by train is one of the cheapest and oldest methods in India. There are two procedures to transfer your vehicle via train.

  • As a Luggage: You can travel on the exact train along with your bike. Paying for the additional gear.
  • As a Parcel: You can transmit your bike as a parcel and collect it from the station where you are traveling.

The train administration will only approve the motorcycle solely if the train through which the parcel is being transferred connects it from the boarding station to the destination station. But there are some things you should be aware of before transferring your vehicle. You must empty your petrol tank. If in case your bike is caught with a filled tank then you would be charged with a fine of Rs.1000.  A photocopy along with registered documents is to be carried with your bike.

After the bike has arrived at the destination station, the luggage branch will only retain the motorcycle for the initial 6 hours after that you will be charged for every hour.

Shipping Bike as a Parcel

Go to the parcel counter at the boarding station and provide the photocopy of your Bike’s registration along with an identity proof. Always provide the original documents for verification. Strict inquiry is conducted by railway officials on bikes that don’t have an emptied fuel tank.

After that, wrap up your bike and load it. You can do this on your own but it would be more valuable if you choose packers and movers for this job. They are well skilled in packing gadgets and motorcycles.

Once you are done with the packing and loading stuff all you have to do is fill up the parcel information such as the sender and recipient addresses, price of the bike, engine, chassis number, etc. Now you are all set and your bike is ready to be shipped to the luggage compartment.

Transporting as a Luggage

The initial steps are the same as mentioned above such as transmitting the original registration documents and identity proof along with the photocopy. Keeping an empty petrol tank and sending the documents for assessment. Also, pack up your bike transportation carefully and discard all the extra accessories of the bike which move out from the body.

Protect your luggage receipt and the railway ticket at the same time. Once your luggage has reached the destination station go to the luggage counter, submit your receipt and collect your bike.

Also, remember that railway officials are quite strict about their rules and regulations so do not violate any of the restrictions. You are not authorized to hold up a petrol container along the trip or at the station.

Transporting bike via Air

If you are traveling outside the nation then shipping by Air would be the quickest and most efficient way to transfer a motorcycle. Air cargo is suitably one of the safest shipments which arrive at its destination with minimum to no destruction. So don’t worry about the safety or destruction of the bike.

You are not allowed to fly with your motorcycle as a suitcase. All you have to do is export it as cargo to an air goods company. Also, you would require the help of a customs officer in the destination country to go through all the paperwork on the motorcycle. And make sure that the motorcycle is legal to ride in the arriving country.

Getting insurance on the bike must be a priority while the cargo is handled and stored appropriately on the plane. Most of the airship companies are punctual so you do not have to worry about the cargo arrival.

The price of transferring a bike via plane is much more costly as related to other shipments due to its efficiency and punctuality. Again the price of the air cargo relies on the weight and volume of the baggage including the distance it has to wrap.

Transporting bike by Bus

For shorter distances under limited KMS, you can search for bus service companies in your region. Automobiles such as Volvo, and Scania preserve the bike under their luggage section carefully. Review with your service provider about the rates and handling of the vehicles as it greatly varies from one place to another.

You can load the bike with cushion sheets and bubble coats for extra protection. Even if you are not able to pack in that manner the risks of any defects are minimal as the bike will be contained by luggage bags. Remove the extra accessories of the bike such as saddlebags, fog lights, crash guards, etc.

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Transporting Bikes by Packers and Movers

If you don’t want to go through all the tangled processes, then hire a professional. Automobile packers and movers are trained at what they do and they are quite good with it. You can call your nearest packers and movers company to schedule a pickup.

After your bike reaches their warehouse, they load your bike and assemble it for the journey. Once they board the parcel and collect it at the destination station they submit it to you at your doorstep.

After choosing this option of transportation, everything is managed by the packers and movers company. From the loading of the package to verifying the documents until the delivery.

Of all the mentioned steps, this is the simplest and less time-consuming process for transporting a bike from one location to another.


No matter what source of transportation you prefer using, make sure to discard the battery (if it’s an acid battery) and empty the fuel tank. If you choose to transport your vehicle by train make sure to visit your nearby railway station and discuss the queries about the package you want to parcel.

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