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Ways to Package Soap for Sale in Novel Ways (Or Handmade Holiday Gifts)

These simple eco-friendly soap packaging boxes and labeling ideas will help you stand out at craft fairs and events if you’re seeking unique ways to package soap for sale. Continue reading to find out how to package homemade soap for sale and set yourself apart from the competition. Plus, learn how to make some of my favorite winter skin-care handmade soap recipes.

Creative Ways to Package Soap

Just because you have to put the weight and ingredient list on the homemade soaps you sell doesn’t mean you have to use a typical soap label. Try thinking outside the box if you’re seeking for unique methods to package your cold process soap bars. (Learn how to label your soaps for sale legally.)

Easy Ways to Package Soap Using Scrapbook Supplies

I decorated these homemade soap bars with scrapbooking items and baker’s twine. Simply print your ingredient list and other details into cardstock squares. Then connect the ingredient information to the bottom or back of your soap bars with baker’s twine or a colourful ribbon. To carefully bind the ingredient list to your soap, simply tuck it under the baker’s string.

This is also a terrific way to box soap for holiday gifts that are handcrafted. It’s as simple as using ribbon, string, or twine to wrap chipboard pieces, cardboard cut-outs, and felt forms onto your soaps.

You may also wrap your soaps in patterned scrapbook pages to make them look like little gifts. Your information or message is then displayed on a unique cigar band. Global Unique Packaging’s custom cigar band and patterned poppy paper mix is fantastic. For handmade soap wedding favours, you can order these personalised soap labels as a pair or individually with your own custom business logo or message.

Consider all-in-one custom Travel soap box packaging, such as Andrea Tips’ custom soap packaging design, which wraps and labels your soap with just one product.

There’s even a soap wrapping gadget that ensures perfect hand wrapping of your handcrafted soaps every time!

I really like the concept of wrapping leather cording around shaped soaps and adding herbs like rosemary as an accent. It’s a simple way to give your handcrafted Christmas gifts that extra special touch.

How to Package Round Soap?

Washi tape is one of my favorite methods to package round soap. This can be accomplished in one of two ways. Wrap your soap with cellophane film and then wrap a piece of washi tape around the circumference of the bar. Alternatively, you can cut brown paper to fit your soap’s diameter. Wrap the paper around the diameter after that. Close the paper with tape. Then cover the brown paper with ornamental washi tape (as pictured above.)

If you’re searching for a different approach to package your soaps for sale, you can wrap your label around the circumference of the soap instead of using washi tape. Alternatively, you can package round soap in one of the following ways. I love how attractive the soap label is on these ways to eco friendly soap packaging boxes from Global Custom Packaging.

Ways to Package Soap in Boxes

One of the simplest ways to package soap is in a travel soap box. However, just because you package your soap in a box doesn’t imply it has to be “square.” Tars Essentials’ holiday-themed unicorn bath bomb box would also look great with a unicorn or horn-shaped soaps. (Because this is a downloaded file, a Circuit machine is required for this project.)

Your environmentally friendly soap producing business will shine with eco-friendly soap Packaging boxes. Globalcustompackaging’s custom soap boxes. They’re available in three sizes and are constructed entirely of recyclable cardboard. They also have a cute tiny window on the inside where you can display your handcrafted soaps. They look particularly good with these custom apothecary labels from Global Custom Packaging, in my opinion.

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