Cross-Platform Application Development: Technology and Benefits

Cross-Platform Application Development: Technology and Benefits:

You don’t need to create apps for specific platforms when you can easily accommodate iOS and Android without much effort.

We don’t mean to be negative; we recognize that applications designed for specific platforms have advantages, but they are not cost-effective solutions.

The most effective way to save time and money is to develop cross-platform applications.

The research shows that around 42% of developers worldwide use cross-platform frameworks or platforms to create their applications. We know the reasons for this phenomenon, so it shouldn’t surprise us. However, we will share the most critical aspects of cross-platform development through this blog. 

How can Cross-Platform App Development benefit you?

Imagine yourself traveling around the globe. Every country has its currency. It is impossible to use Indian rupees in Australia or American dollars in the UK. Right?

It is also true for mobile application development. Each operating system has its own code. Therefore, an application must be compatible with the code of each platform to run.

It took a lot of time and effort. Developers would often spend hours creating multiple applications for one business. However, we were fortunate to have cross-platform app development thanks to technology.

Cross-platform mobile app development, or more precisely, means that an application can be developed to work on multiple smartphones. Hence, the same code could be used to run all platforms. 

Statista reports that 98% of mobile users worldwide use iOS or Android as their primary operating system. Therefore, it is natural for businesses to seek out solutions that meet the needs of both groups. Many ways to accomplish this, but cross-platform application development is the most expensive.

Why cross-platform mobile app development?

Mobile app development is a highly lucrative industry. Analysts predict that the revenue from mobile app development will surpass 500 billion dollars by 2021. This boom was due to much technological advancement, and cross-platform applications are one.

Cross-platform applications offer a multitude of benefits and possibilities. Here are the top reasons people choose to develop cross-platform mobile apps.

It’s a joy to use the same application:

Many of us likely own multiple devices. There might be an Android phone and an iOS tablet or a desktop computer.

How would it feel to have different experiences or be unfamiliar with the same application on different devices? It would ruin the vibe, wouldn’t it?

We, as users, want the same characteristics and to feel comfortable with the UI/UX of the app. Cross-platform mobile app development is the answer. It allows you to enjoy the same app on every device.

Quick Deployment in Markets :

Developers don’t have to create different apps for each platform. They can publish their applications in multiple app stores simultaneously. You can reach your target audience on Android, iOS, and Windows simultaneously, and they can do so quicker.

One source code:

A single source code is the most efficient way to develop any application. Developers will find it a significant benefit as they can reuse the code.

Simple implementation:

Many technologies offer cross-platform solutions that make it easy for developers to make changes. One example is HTML code that can be converted for different platforms. Developers can then use the platforms they are familiar with and convert them to their liking.

Simple product maintenance:

It is not an easy road. There will be inevitable bug fixes and many other improvements. Imagine all of this being done for multiple business applications. It is impossible, and it does not sound possible. 

Cross-platform app development means that we only have one code to be worried this means that there are fewer tests, and it is easier to deploy fixes. 

It is cross-platform development from a different angle,

  • Developer’s Perspective – Faster development using one code and fewer mistakes!
  • Customers’ Perspective – Uniformity and satisfaction
  • Business Perspective – Fewer expenses, more return

Cross-Platform App Development Technologies:

Multiplatform app development could be done with multiple frameworks. We will try to list as many of them as possible.

  • Titanium
  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • Flutter
  • Native script
  • Ionic
  • Js
  • PhoneGap

 Each of these products has its own features and offers.

FAQ’s About Cross-Platform Applications Development:  

We are sure there are many questions in your head. Absolute Solutions the best mobile application development company in United States,  have get the top questions about cross-platform app development based on research and personal experience. 

Does cross-platform development take longer than native apps?

Yes, it takes less time to create cross-platform applications than native apps. It promotes a faster time to market because only one team is involved in developing the application. 

Are there commercial risks to choosing cross-platform app development over other options?

It’s a big fat NO! Cross-platform development has been around for a while now and is often referred to by many as the future of app development. This platform is preferred by 42% of developers.

What tech titans use cross-platform development?

The cross-platform frameworks are used to build many applications, including Google ads, Stadia and Google Assistant, Tencent, and eBay. 

Is multiplatform app development or cross-platform application development cheaper?

Absolutely! Yes! Cross-platform app development can save you money and speed up your time-to-market.


There is always a way to satisfy customers and improve user engagement. The technologies we use constantly change and offer us a wide range of options to help our clients. Cross-platform mobile app development is crucial in such a competitive world.

It acts as a bridge between your business and its success. We want to add that it is equally imperative to hire the best mobile application development Company in USA. Even if you have the most advanced technology, you can’t meet your goals if your creators lack the knowledge.

Use your research skills to find trusted and respected partners in the market. You can also save your effort by looking here for one.



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