Commercial Trucks: Their Functions And Various Types

Trucks are among the toughest and most powerful vehicles on the road. They exist solely to transport the largest items ever created or manufactured.

Trucks are the form of transportation for animals, boats, machinery, equipment, and food that must go by road.

Are you aware that enormous hauls of hard drives are transported to Amazon offices by trucks? Exactly because this method of data transmission is faster.

So, whatever your opinion of trucks is, driving them retains a sense of novelty and objective application. Few people are aware that trucks and trailers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each of these vehicles and trailers has a distinct purpose.

Types of trucks

heavy-duty dealers identify the many types of trucks and trailers available to help you learn more about them. Let’s have a look at a few distinct types:

Car transporters

This is a covered or open vehicle carrier that can be single or double-decked. It contains several spaces for keeping cars in place on long journeys. You might be able to open and close them, and there are built-in ramps for loading and unloading cars.

Typically, these usually transport automobiles from manufacturers to dealerships. These trucks do not have loaders or winches because they are not flatbeds. They rely on autos to load under their supervision instead.

Box truck

A box truck, also known as a cube truck, cube van, rolling toaster, or box van, is a chassis cab vehicle with an enclosed cubed-shaped cargo compartment. On most box trucks, the cabin separates from the cargo space.

On the other hand, some box trucks have a rear door that joins the cabin and the cargo area. A cargo van distinguishes itself from a box truck by the fact that it is a single-piece vehicle. A cargo box may attach to the frame to create a box truck.

Dump truck

From building sites, a dump truck transports sand, gravel, or demolition rubbish.

A dump truck typically has an open-box bed that is hinged at the back and is raised in the front by hydraulic rams. This permits the material in the truck’s bed to fall to the ground behind the truck at the construction site or delivery location.

Extra-heavy-duty vehicle

When transporting an exceptionally heavy cargo load, an extra-duty truck is usually employed. Huge loads include goods such as houses or other large items that must be transported. Truckers must have a specific license to legally operate extra-heavy trucks.

Garbage truck

A garbage truck, sometimes known as a trash truck, is a vehicle that collects solid waste and transports it to a solid waste treatment facility, such as a landfill.

Trash trucks are another common moniker for this type of truck in the United States. The technical names for these vehicles are waste collecting vehicles and rubbish collection trucks. These vehicles are a common sight in most urban areas.

Here are some examples of garbage trucks:


Front-loaders are mostly used by businesses and industries that use Dumpsters, which are large trash bins with lids. The garbage container drapes over the truck’s back.

When the container hits the top, it flips over, dumping the trash or recyclables into the hopper of the vehicle. A hydraulically operated moveable wall compacts the garbage and forces it to the back of the vehicle.

Rear loaders

A garbage collector can empty bins or drop waste bags into the back of a rear loader’s aperture, which leads to a trough or hopper.

They frequently have a lifting gear to automatically empty large carts without requiring the operator to lift the trash by hand.

Side loaders

A claw lifts and tips wheeled bins into the truck’s hopper, either manually or with the assistance of a robotic arm controlled by a joystick.

Side loaders that are semi-automatic

The key difference between semi-automated and automated side loaders is that they only require one person to operate.

To manually transport and position containers to the loading hopper on the truck’s side and dump them, the worker must exit the cab.

Tow truck

A tow truck, also known as a breakdown truck or recovery vehicle, transports disabled, badly parked, detained, or otherwise stranded cars.

This could entail towing or transferring a car that has been damaged in an accident to a repair shop or another location.

After an accident or inclement weather, perhaps restoring it to drivable condition. Towing to a service center or another location is also an option.

In usual activities, a tow truck varies from a motor carrier, which moves multiple new or used vehicles at the same time.

Tow trucks can classify into the following categories:

  • Boom
  • Integrated
  • Flatbed
  • Lift flatbed
  • Wheel-lift

Heavy-duty transporter

A heavy hauler is a large transporter that transports large amounts of material and requires an escort and a special permit to travel by road.

A tractor plus a lowboy flatbed trailer with numerous axles make up a heavy hauler. Some trailers have steerable wheels on their own, whereas railway tractor units can Tow others.

Modular carriers with self-propulsion, which are becoming more widespread, have a dozen or more self-steering axles and dozens of rubber tires to spread out a cargo.

Combination and self-propelled heavy haulers are frequently used to transport cargo weighing more than 100 tons.


The best trucks or trailers ideally suited for their transportation are determined by the sort of items you want to deliver. There are a variety of trucks available to meet your specific needs.

Whether you’re transporting large volumes of goods or frozen items, we’ve got you covered. Before renting a transportation truck, think about the things you want to transport and only pick a truck that matches your needs.

Advanced installations, such as hydraulic lifts on trucks or box trucks, may have improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Its safety and convenience are two main advantages.

These lifts can easily lift large items and equipment. Hydraulic lifts also aid in the unloading and loading of materials. Similarly, other trucks have different functions to perform as per your requirements.

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