Can shampoo be used for car wash?

We don’t like the dusty and dirty looks on our beloved car. So, we try to wash it, whenever we get the time. A dirty car may not attract a positive view of ourselves and keeping a car dirty with bird dropping can even damage the original paint so, we should wash our cars.

A lot of workshops to date use hair shampoo for car washing. We will talk about it and also we will discuss car wash shampoo which is specifically meant for washing cars.

How often should I wash my car?

You should wash your car as often as needed. Especially try to keep it clean from bird droppings, bugs and tar, and any other foreign particles as they may cause damage to the car’s body. In a city where dust is a major problem, a weekly wash can be followed.

Hair shampoo for a car wash?

Hair shampoos which are Paraben-free, colorant-free, and silicone-free are safe for humans. If it is safe for humans, then how can it be harmful to cars? So, we will compare washing a car with hair shampoo vs a car shampoo. And then finally, you will learn to wash your car with a car shampoo or as a matter of fact, any shampoo.

The first thing which you will; notice when you try to wash your car with hair shampoo by using a foam cannon is that it will not foam as much as dedicated car shampoo. But the smell will be magnificent as hair shampoos generally smell very good unless you’re using an Ayurvedic shampoo of course.

When you start washing your car with a normal shampoo you will see that it will form a layer and the natural hydrophobic coating on the car’s paint won’t work. That is, you will feel water sticking to the surface of the car. This happens as hair shampoos leave residues on the car.

You will have to wash your car again with car shampoo to remove its effect.

Otherwise, normal hair shampoos also clean a car just fine and you won’t be very dissatisfied with them. Also, hair shampoos are available at even re 1 per pouch and can be used directly with a towel. So, it is a lot cheaper than car shampoos but we will compare both soon.

Car shampoo for the car wash!

3M shampoo is an established manufacturer in this field but you can pick different car washing shampoos as well.

Car shampoos are meant for cars and will bring the shine back to your car which a normal shampoo cannot bring. Hair shampoo can do the cleaning up to a certain extent but it cannot give a shine like car shampoo.

Car owners use car shampoos during washing to bring out the luster and clean their car thoroughly which a simple water wash cannot remove. Choosing the right car shampoo is also important as a lot of products are available in the market which may not do the job well. We will recommend you to use 3M or Michelin car shampoos. These are safe for cars and also have a good fragrance of orange or other fruits. Michelin manufactures high standard car shampoos which are made in the European Union (EU).

Car shampoos sometimes also have a coating in them which gives protection to your car’s body from bird dropping etc which can be disastrous for the paint as they have acid. The coating will not let the acid go to the paint.

How to do a carwash with shampoos

This process can be followed even if you are using normal hair shampoo.

First, take the car’s wash shampoo and fill it into the foaming cannon and add the recommended amount of water to it. On the shampoo can, it will be mentioned how much quantity of shampoo you need to add with how much water. You need a good quality foaming cannon for effective foaming.

Then connect the water source to the cannon and start spraying the foam on the car’s body. Carefully, spray every part of the car and let it sit for a bit. Letting it settle a bit will let the shampoo stick to the dirt and grease more and the car will be cleaned more after the wash.

Now, start washing the car with water preferably by using a car pressure washer. Normal washing by a tap outlet doesn’t give much pressure to wash off the dirt properly, hence we recommend pressure washers. Pressure washers are not cheap but if you like to clean your car and bike by yourself then definitely it is a good purchase.

Check if all the foam is washed properly. After washing the car properly, dry it out by wiping it with a microfiber cloth. If you do not wipe the water out then the water may leave stains on the glasses which don’t look good and you again need to clean those.


We can conclude that it is okay to wash our car with normal hair shampoo but we need to make sure that it is of neutral pH if you want cheap home cleaning of your car.

But if you are satisfied only with professional-level cleaning which the showroom service centers provide then purchase a good car shampoo which we advised and you will get that level of shiny finish on your car. Definitely, a car shampoo will give better looks to your car but comes a bit costly. Shop for all kinds with us and get awesome deals with fast delivery.

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