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Best Tips to Travel with Pets Safely by Car


Taking your beloved pets on vacation is always a great comfort. This way you don’t need to worry about them being home alone or with an assigned care-taker. However, traveling with pets takes a lot of planning and effort. You need to make sure that you can guarantee their as well as your safety on a long road-trip, so that your trip is as much fun as possible. In this article we will share some of the best tips to travel with pets safely to give yourself unforgettable experience and capture the lovely moments with your pets being actually part of it.

Check Your Pet’s Health Before Taking the Road Trip

It’s detrimental to visit a doctor, before you go on a trip with your pet. This way you will be sure that your pet is in a good physical shape and has no collateral health issues. That way you will avoid any sudden hardships and challenges what the pets might bring to you. Imagine, you take your dog on a road trip and after a while they start feeling bad. The first reaction is panic. Because you are driving on the highway, the nearest clinic can be miles away and you don’t know what’s wrong with them. In a situation like this all your traveling plans might go in vain and instead of enjoying cold papaya cocktail on a sandy beach, you will need to run from one clinic to another to take care of your pet. However, if you check them up in advance, you will know that they are in a good shape and even if something happens during the road trip, you know that it’s nothing serious, so you can take your time and don’t rush.

Don’t Feed Your Pet Before the Long Road Trip

Giving food to your pet before the road trip, might affect their stomach and develop nausea or carsickness. However, you need to make sure that your pets have plenty of water during the trip, because sitting in the car, when it’s scorching hot outside is uncomfortable not only for humans, but for pets too.

Stop Frequently to Walk Your Pet

Sitting in the car is boring for people. And there’s no big difference for the pets too. If you are going on a long road-trip, make sure to stop in every 2-3 hours to walk your pets and give them some breath of fresh air. This way they will be more comfortable with traveling and you will avoid a lot of hardships, like them peeing or vomiting in your car.

Never Leave a Pet in a Car Unattended

This is stupid and cruel at the same time. This way you are endangering the safety of your pet, who might not feel comfortable being alone in the car. In rare occasions they might have seizures or panic attacks and you don’t want to risk your pet’s health. If you are stopping by for a quick grocery shopping, you can take them out walk a little and leave them outside the shop. Once you are back you can put them in the car and carry on.

Don’t Let Your Pet (Dogs) to Put Their Head Outside the Window

It’s unsafe. Especially if you are driving on a highway, where cars pass by each other every second. Besides, driving with the speed of 100MPH can really damage your pet’s eyes and you don’t wan to risk that.


While it’s possible to travel with pets safely on long-road trips it takes a lot of planning. Besides, you need to consider a lot of things during the actual trip. Read these recommendations to plan your perfect getaway better and snap some of the best pictures of your vacations with your fluffy friends. In the meanwhile, don’t forget to check out ETIAS website for updated EU travel information and more.

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