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Best Rummy Alternative Games

The Rummy card game is not new to our society. It has been played since ancient times and has skills involved, as well as fun, thrill, and excitement. It is the most played card game in India.

People who choose not to play online have many reasons and experts agree that there is no one-size-fits-all game when it comes to online gaming, and many people have different views on which is the best for them.

When it comes to Rummy, players can choose from 2 alternatives to the game Rummy that is nearly as good, with simple rules and a higher chance of earning cash rewards from the game.

1. Poker

Poker is a card game that can be played online. Many people in India are playing to win money.

Poker has been very popular in Indian families and groups because it’s a very skillful game.

Online poker is equally celebrated for the number of money people can win as well.

You can download a real money poker app and can play Poker. Every player has a chance to win big rewards by playing various poker tournaments.

With Instant deposits and easy withdrawals, some Poker apps have an easy-to-maneuver user interface that draws in new customers.

Once such a leading Poker application, AIO Games offers many online poker games.

Poker is a skill-based card game that you can play with multiple players at once.

The application has all sorts of different bonuses for its players to find and take advantage of, so it’s possible to really succeed if you play more than average.

It is clear that AIO Games is the best poker app in India and it has a high user base because of various variables such as trust and real money poker.

Winning poker games and then using the money to fund buy-in fees, traveling expenses, and other costs means you can make living playing poker.

However, Rummy is based on calculation and estimation whilst poker relies on guesswork.

To summarise, the two are great games for social engagement and you can win some quick cash playing them.

The main difference is that poker relies heavily on luck whilst rummy relies more on skill.

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2. Teen Patti

3 Patti or Teen Patti is a popular game originating in India and acts as an alternative to Rummy, which is a game similar to poker.

Three to six people can play after setting up the rules and determining the pot amount.

The game begins with each player drawing a card and guessing which card their opponent has without telling them.

Players are dealt three cards.

The pot increases as the game progresses and the winner gets to keep the pot money based on 3 Patti rules.

The rules of the game Teen Patti are adjusted based on how many rounds you want to play.

In Teen Patti, each player contributes to the initial pot and does not receive their cards face-up.

Players take turns in a clockwise direction to see their cards.

The game, 3 patti offers the player to choose a blind, or view their cards with action options depending on the progress of the game.

The terminology for who makes bets can be confusing.

A player who puts blind bids is known as the ‘poker blind player’.

The seen player places a wager only after seeing the cards

You can choose to play games such as Low Ball, Wild Draw, Stud, and Community.

When playing 3 Patti, avoid giving your emotions away. When you receive a bad beat, take a break before continuing to invest more money.


With this best alternative to online rummy, be careful not to lose too much when you play these card games other than rummy.

You can slowly manage your losses or make sure that your final balance after the series of games you play is positive, not negative.

If you don’t like Rummy Game then there are other options, you can find more games that are similar to Rummy at AIO Games.

Reading this, you should understand the best four alternatives to a rummy card game.

Why not take one of these games and start playing right now?

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