Best Pen and Paper Games for One, Two, or Small Groups

Best Pen and Paper Games for One, Two, or Small Groups

Everyone enjoys playing games. Pen and paper games are an easy and quick way to keep busy. There are games for one, two and three. There are games for both small and large children, as well as for adults. In addition, you’ll find old favorites as well as newer games. 

Moreover, you can take a pencil or pen, a tablet, or a few sheets of paper with you everywhere, and play these games anytime, anywhere. Use the probability calculator to count the probability of winning a game. It’s easy to find the probability calculator.

Pen and Paper Games for Adults

We often need something quick to fill our time. Sometimes we need something quick to pass the time when a party is over, we get stuck at an airport or restaurant, or simply because we don’t have enough time. These games are simple and require only a pen and paper. These games are suitable for both adults and older children.

Categories Pen and Paper Game

You can choose from five to ten categories, and then write them on a piece of paper. Each player picks a letter from the alphabet. Next, each player takes turns picking a letter of the alphabet. Then they take turns listing items in each category that begin with that letter. 

Each player has one minute to complete their turn. Points are only awarded to players for unique words. The game ends when all the categories have been completed. 

You can choose from the following categories, or create your own.

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Movies
  • Television Shows
  • Pets
  • Things that Whistle

Pen and Paper Pictionary

Each person should be given a piece of paper and a pencil. Ask them to each write down a common phrase on the piece of paper and then fold it up. Furthermore, all papers should be collected and placed in a basket or box. Moreover, each player chooses a paper to use as a sketch or a phrase. (Newsprint works well). The person who correctly guesses the next phrase draws or acts it out. 

You can also provide a category, such as the one below:

  • Titles of books
  • Movie names
  • Sport teams
  • Famous places


  • Bulls and Cows Pen and Paper Game

This one is for you! Each player creates a secret numeric sequence consisting of four numbers. Furthermore, each player takes turns guessing the number. “Bulls”, which indicate the correct number in the correct spot, and “Cows”. In addition, which indicate the incorrect numbers in the wrong place for each guess, are used to indicate the number. It is important to find a secret sequence in as few turns as possible.

  • One Pen and Paper Games

Sometimes, one wants to be busy and not sit alone. Sometimes, one may be bored, trying to pass the time while waiting for someone, a phone call, or an appointment. It is difficult to find a single pen and paper game. You will have fun and easy access to original pen and paper games.

  • Word Watch Pen and Paper Games

Write down as many words from your surroundings as possible, no matter where you are sitting.

Game 1: Create sentences, or a story using the words that you find.

Game 2: Sort alphabetically the words that you have found.

Game 3: Find out how many smaller words can you make from larger words.

Game 4: Find a word that corresponds to each letter of the alphabet.

  • Draw Close Your Eyes

Draw a picture by closing your eyes. You can choose something simple like a tree, a house or a person. People watching you may believe that you are praying, meditating, or in deep concentration. You may be trying to draw something familiar from your memory, while not looking at the paper.

  • Category Doodling Pen & Paper Game

Take a simple category and create as many variations as you can. Moreover, you can use leaves, balls, boxes decorated with flowers or hearts, circles with designs or hearts, and even drink glasses.

  • Pen-or-Pencil Paper Games for Multiple Players

Even though the technology is ubiquitous, sometimes it’s still fun to use a pen-and-paper game with a group. These two games are great for parties, classroom icebreakers, and in offices. They are difficult, but older children will still enjoy them.

  • Word Square Pen and Paper Game

This simple, yet challenging game is great for two or more people. Each player starts by drawing a 4-space by 4-space square on a piece of paper. Then, he/she hides it from the other players. Each player calls out a letter. Players must place each letter on their grid as they are called out. 

It is important to create as many four-letter words as possible. You can call out letters and have them repeated. Once all grids have been filled, players reveal their grids and determine how many four-letter words they can create vertically or horizontally.

  • Pen and Paper Telephone

To play “Gossip”, you will need at least three people. Each player should have a piece of standard 8 1/2×11-inch paper. And each player draws a picture on the top of the paper and then passes it to the left. 

Moreover, each player captions the picture and then folds the paper so that only the sentence is visible. The papers are then passed again. And the next player draws the picture that matches the sentence. The process continues until the paper is completely filled. To see a funny story, unfold the papers. You can fold the papers into four sections. one for each player if you like.

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