Amazing and Creative Innovative Projects for Kids

Innovative Projects for Kids

Young kids are true inspirers who continue to surprise their parents every day. The way they can look at the world with their unique and free mind is always a joy to behold. Sometimes their actions can even go beyond expectations where we can see their true potential and creativeness. Kids can explore the realm of science and technology as they will dive into our list of innovative projects for kids. These creative projects will fit perfectly into your kid’s lesson plans, whether they are learning in a classroom or at home. These innovative projects can also introduce kids to the concepts of STEM.

Innovative and straightforward Projects for Kids

These creative and innovative projects for kids will help promote essential life skills for kids and help them potentially spark for a lifetime in the field of innovation.


Cloud in a jar

Kids can learn about condensation, water cycles, and the state of matter through this fun project. All you need is water and hairspray to perform this activity and showcase the formation of clouds to the kids. This activity is pretty simple and easy for young children. Or you can scale up this activity for older kids to turn it into an experiment done using two different methods to create a cloud. Talk with them about how the water cycle works in the environment while performing this project. For additional fun, take your kids out on a foggy day so they will be able to learn it more effectively by connecting the dots.


Oil spill

Try out this activity to help kids connect back to the real issues. Just mix oil with water in a large container and add a few feathers to this mix. Then put a few other materials like paper towels, sponge, etc., into the mix and tell kids to remove the oil from the water and feathers. Tell them they need to remove oil without drawing too much water. You can explain to kids using this activity how the oil spill affects the environment by making them observe how the oil spill affected those feathers and how it was so challenging to remove.


Sticky note number matching

Tape a paper sheet to the wall; get sticky notes and a marker. Set up this movement-centered math activity to help youngsters easily understand the concepts of numeric values. Rather than memorizing a number’s list, this activity will allow kids to hunt for numbers on sticky notes and stick them on the wall over the groups of dots that match the exact number.

The setup for this activity can be simple for you with the help of tape and paper. If your kids are still trying to figure out the concept, they can get started quickly with the numbers from one to five.


Crystal suncatcher

Making crystals using salt is one of the best science activities you can introduce to young kids. There is no need for you to spend too much on expensive tools or other essentials to perform this activity. Get salt from your local grocery store, and you can start this fun activity right away. This activity can also turn into making crystals as sun catchers.


Creating a hand crank winch

If your kids are always up to be creative and innovative, then this STEM-based project can be perfect for them by helping them learn how things work. A winch is ideal for developing an early sense of how individuals can create incredible things using simple machines like pulleys. Your kid might need some assistance from you to create a winch- however, tools like cardboard paper towel rolls and using a spoon of ribbon will be pretty inexpensive for kids to afford to perform this activity.


Building a balance scale

This activity will include a plastic hanger, a few cups, and string. Create a hanging balance for your kids to use to experiment with weights. Or, if your kids are not so young, you can include them in creating the balancing scale as well. To enhance their sense of experimentation, try asking kids questions like, “How many LEGOs does this toy weigh?” With lots of options to add variety, this homemade scale can be a STEM project you return to repeatedly.

Innovative projects for kids that encourage the development

Now you have finally learned some creative and innovative projects for kids, you are ready to teach your young kids and help them explore the exciting aspects of science, technology, engineering and math. There are so many activities for kids of different age groups out there. Suppose you wonder how you can introduce your kids to more refined aspects of innovative STEM. In that case, you can get them enrolled in Brainy n Bright’s STEM learning programs developed age-specified to teach your kids most effectively.


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