A Guide to Safe Monsoon Clothing

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Monsoon has already arrived in India and the dark clouds are taking away the scorching heat and lifeless feel away from us. It is a natural notion that rain makes us feel happier and better. So, it’s the time to enjoy the rain without worrying about our clothes and accessories as they are getting wet too. Rain hides the sun and creates moisture in the clothes. Let’s not the rains, however, moisten our spirits and hinder us from missing all the fun. Here we should look at all the factors that are important to maintaining the hygiene by looking beautiful and cool as ever. Considering the fact that monsoons are wet seasons when things go around massively slippery we have to be intensely particular and careful about selecting the best clothes from the best garments manufacturers in India.

Monsoon Clothing

During monsoon, there are certain things that should be kept in mind. The best options for the monsoon seasons are knee-length skirts and capris. We can also go for half sleeves or sleeveless and frilly, flowing clothes. As it dries up easily, the use of synthetic clothes becomes an important factor because you will frequently change your clothes because of getting wet in the rain.

Clothes should be segregated while washing because most colorful clothes leave their color during the washing session. Most white garments contain optical whiteners to give them the desired whiteness. If such clothes are dried in the sun, they turn pale yellow or grey in color. Therefore, the whites should be lined and dried in the shade.

Smell Due to Moisture

Most of the time, due to moisture, clothes start smelling, and to mitigate this, you can use rose water to keep your clothes clean and fragrant. Scented water like lavender water should be added to the iron with the help of a steam setting. Once clothes are thoroughly dried and well ironed, the naphthalene balls should be added to the wardrobe so that your clothes can smell fresh for a longer period. The balls should be placed in a cupboard in the middle of the clothing hangers. During no rains, air the clothes and accessories.

Take Care of Delicate Clothes

The rainy season may damage the delicate clothes. Always ensure that you completely wash your clothes before putting them in the wardrobe because if there is any food particle which is left on your clothes, can completely destroy the clothes as food particles attract insects to the clothes. Always buy garments from the best garment manufacturing companies in India because eventually clothes become a part of your personality.

It is best advised to avoid the use of heavy materials like silk and jute. As thick clothing materials like denim, cords, or thick cotton mixes should be avoided as they take a longer time to get dry. When it comes to the long flowing skirts and trousers, they will easily soil in the mud. Light colors, pastels, and whites become transparent in heavy rains, so they have more chances to get spoiled in the rains. Tie and dye and Rajasthani prints should be strictly avoided as they run color when wet.

Shoe and Accessories

Wet footwear should be dried before putting in the cabinet. However, they should not be dried in direct sunlight. Moreover, the water should be completely rinsed out by hand and the footwear should be let under the fan to dry. This is the best method. Instead of roll-on, wax shoe polish should be used. Wax repels the water and prevents further damage.


Monsoon has already approached and most of us love to get drenched in the monsoon. Always buy clothes from the garments manufacturers in India. There are many garment manufacturing companies in India that provide the best in class clothes to the people so, always buy the one that is renowned and provides the best quality clothes.

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