A guide to Augmentation des lèvres

Lip augmentation or Augmentation des lèvres is a cosmetic procedure that is utilized to obtain plumper and attractive lips. The procedure has been simplified in the modern world and only a convenient injectable dermal filler is used for it.

There are other alternative methods to get lip jobs like fat injections and implants. But they are not preferred nowadays due to the high risk of side effects and varying results.

Types of dermal fillers

There is more than one kind of dermal filler that can be used for lip augmentation. One of the most common materials used today is hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our body. The second common dermal filler is collagen. Previously, collagen was the first choice of material in the case of lip augmentation. Due to the release of better and safer substances, it is not used as extensively today.

Why get augmentation des lèvres?

Adding volume to the lips could be the solution to several problems. Some have extremely dried-up and shriveled lips due to hereditary reasons. Or unfortunate accidents can cause scar tissue to develop in the lip. Augmentation des lèvres is useful for such cases.

A lot of people decide to get lip augmentation because the aftermath of the procedure isn’t very noticeable but at the same time does the needed beautification. The older method of lip jobs which yielded plumper and pillowy lips are not so much preferred like the subtle modern procedures.

Lips can be of various shapes and sizes naturally, including asymmetrical lips. Shape correction and getting symmetrical lips are also very common reasons people go for lip jobs. With very minimal procedures, a visual harmony can be created when both lips look similar to each other.

Whereas, some women get augmentation des lèvres to look younger. Due to aging, lips lose naturally sharp margins. As a result, the lipstick does not last long enough and blurs and bleeds onto the skin surrounding. To blur the vertical lines on the lip and restore the volume, a little bit of lip filler is enough. This gives a sharper lip line that helps keep lipstick in check.

It might sound strange but some also obtain lip fillers just to moisturize their lip. It is actually successful because the hyaluronic acid collects moisture. This is especially useful for people having dry and rough lips.

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers (The ones commonly used today)

After getting in the lips, the gel restructures the tissue of the lips. Read the following benefits of hyaluronic acid fillers to understand why they are mostly used nowadays:

1. Better control over the lip volume

Controlling the lip volume with hyaluronic acid fillers is easy because the doctor only needs to determine the amount of substance that needs to be injected.

2. The treatment is gentle

The pace of the treatment is gentle as the injections are administered periodically over a set of appointments.

3. Bumps dissolve easily

Do not worry if any bumps or swellings are created after the procedure. Simple movement of your lips could dissolve the swelling.

4. Lasting results

Compared to other lip procedures, hyaluronic acid fillers give reasonably lasting results.

5. Less chance of allergic reactions

Lips jobs are known to cause allergic reactions. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our body. Therefore, it is not interpreted as a foreign substance and does not cause an allergic reaction most of the time.

The procedure

Augmentation des lèvres procedures require very little rest or gaps. A numbing agent is administered to the lip before injecting the substance. In some cases, nerve blocking injections are administered to completely numb the lips. Applying ice to the lips also helps in numbing. Fine needled injections are used to inject the filler into the lips. You can notice the difference on the spot. Give some time to allow healing of your lips.

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