A Guide for you to Get Rid of Dark Circles under Eyes

Dark Circles

Everyone wishes for the perfect skin tone. Similarly, the dark circles under eyes make the part of the skin dominant. Learn here about its treatment.

Dark circles under eyes

Women generally experience this skin issue at any age. When you see dark circles, the only solution that comes to your mind is to conceal them. You might use thick layers of makeup for full coverage, but is it the right choice? You just temporarily make them invisible. After you wipe off the products, the dark circles are still present, which makes you annoyed most of the time.

Rubbing or exfoliating the skin isn’t a solution, nor would it make them vanish. However, be gentle with it. Harsh treatment can never solve this skin issue.

The causes of dark circles

Have you ever researched why they appear? You might assume the main cause of this particular darkening of skin under the eyes is insufficient sleep. The circulation of blood is limited, so your skin becomes darker. So the pale color of the skin changes to a dark shade.

Still, you can’t blame this cause as there are other reasons too. They are under the eyes and are made of thin skin. When your skin lacks collagen, your skin turns out thinner. When the blood supply to your skin isn’t proper, the area appears dark.

Some people get this kind of skin appearance in their genes. If you are careless in taking complete dietetic nutrients, then the dark circles will appear faster. Sun exposure often causes this discoloration. Even if you don’t take in adequate water, dark circles under eyes will form.

Puffy eyes

In addition to dark circles, puffy eyes are very common. You will see the skin under the eyes appears a bit swollen, just like a cushion. So, your skin starts absorbing the fluid present in it. This makes it swell up.

Dark circles treatment with Belle Cote

The eye area is super sensitive, so you have to be very particular in the selection of products and treatments for it. Try the products of Belle Cote Paris. How to get rid of puffy under eyes is possible with the use of BellEye with arctic microalgae. This product is defined by its anti-aging skin regimen. This means that it will eliminate skin aging symptoms such as dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. It is complete nourishment for your dry skin. It rapidly diminishes the black circles and swollen eyes with regular usage. Hence, you will achieve beautiful, glowing skin.

Next, use the DNA CAVIAR regenerating mask. A new formula with anti-aging properties has been added to this mask. Use this on the eye region. Your skin’s elasticity will be improved with it. It reduces the swelling under the eyes. The dark pigmentation around the eyes vanishes.

The EyeTox-anti-wrinkle eye contour gel is a complete hydrating agent for the eye region. Your eyes will no longer be tired and swollen with the use of this gel.

Home remedies for dark circles

No doubt, dark circles irritate you a lot. Bu elit semtimizde bahçelievler elit escort bayanlar sizi bekliyor. Because these are things you can just remove in less time. Rather, it demands a high level of patience and time investment. If you want to use remedies for these problems, then it is a good way to at least prevent them from forming.

  • Applying chilled slices of cucumber will eventually lighten up the black area under your eyes. It is due to the presence of astringents in them.
  • Use vitamin C to treat it. So, use the potato juice to make them appear lighter.
  • Another dark circle remedy you can use is turmeric paste, with pineapple juice. This paste will now reduce the black skin area under your eyes.
  • An application of coconut oil provides abundant moisture to the skin and lightens the dark skin.

How to get rid of puffy eyes

Along with the treatment by Belle Cote Paris, use other ways to treat them. With home remedies, you can only treat the presence of temporary eye bags, whereas you can use a proper treatment for permanent and dominant eye bags. You should use the ice cubes to compress the puffiness. Though this action gives a temporary change, with consistent usage, you can cure it. Also, use cold caffeine bags under the eyes. It helps to minimize swelling.


Treatments and remedies are only effective for these stubborn eye bags and dark circles. A little care and change in lifestyle and health patterns play a significant role in it. Hope the above ways have helped you in vanishing the dark circles under eyes. Thus, the aging of the skin caused by the appearance of puffy eyes is also reduced.

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