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9 Ways to Use Protein Mix Seeds in Different Meals

protein mix

We always wonder how to get more protein into our diet. Isn’t it? After all, protein is the building block of life and helps us lose weight while building muscles. We often think that we are eating enough protein, but in reality, we are not! If you want to ensure your protein intake is correct, start measuring how much protein you have each day. That will help you be on track.

There are multiple food sources of protein. These include:

  • Dairy products 
  • Tofu
  • Legumes and lentils
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Fsh
  • Chicken

There is one more source of protein that you can include in your meals in so many ways. What are we talking about? Protein mix seeds, of course!

Yes, protein mix seeds as the name suggest are a blend of nuts and seeds high in protein. It includes almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and more. The protein mix has nuts and seeds high in this nutrient, providing you a good percent of your daily required amount of protein.

Also, you can include this in your diet in multiple ways. Thinking what those ways are? Then read below to know and start using them now.

Eat protein mix seeds raw

The first way to include them in your diet is to eat them raw. This seed you will buy online is perfect for eating anytime you feel like snacking. If you want to roast them, it is possible. Just add some pepper and salt, and the roasted protein mix seeds will make your mouth water.

Make protein powder using them

The protein powder we get from the supermarket can have hidden sugar. If you are trying to lose weight or include pyre protein in your diet, stop buying protein powder from outside. With these protein mix seeds, it is super-easy to make protein powder at home.

Just dry roast these seeds and once they cool down, grind them well. You can add a bit of cacao powder to it for nutrients and taste.

Add them to your milk, water, and smoothie, and enjoy a good dose of protein. 

Perfect oatmeal topping

Oatmeal is a comforting, nutritious, and healthy breakfast or snack option. Some people even eat oatmeal for dinner. If you want to spruce up your oatmeal, you should add toppings to it, like fresh fruits or these seeds.

Just sprinkle some of these seeds, and the crunchy taste of the protein mix will blend perfectly with your oatmeal.

Use it in your smoothie

Do you love drinking smoothies? Yes? Then use protein mix seeds to add more nutrition and color to your smoothies. You can also blend the protein mix with your yogurt, fruit, and water. Or you can sprinkle some on top after your smoothie is ready.

Chia seeds pudding with protein mix

Chia seeds pudding is another easy, nutritious, and fulfilling breakfast option. Most people make chia seeds pudding by adding water or milk to chia seeds and keeping it overnight. You can also include Ashwagandha tablets You can make it fresh too. To make it more fulfilling, you can add fresh fruit slices and protein mix seeds.

Add to your muffin batter

Making cupcakes or muffins? Add the protein mix seeds to the batter. Not only will it give you protein, but the chunks of seeds and nuts in your muffins/cupcakes will make it tastier to eat.

Eat it with yogurt

Snack time? Yogurt seems like a perfect snack option, and when you add protein mix seeds in it, they are the best.

Add to your rice dish

Seems weird? Right? But it is not! When you roast the this seeds and add them to any rice dish like biryani or pulav, it adds a nutritious twist to your dish. Popülasyonu en yüksek semtimizdeki şişli escort kızlarını bir çatı altında topladık. It makes it incredibly tasty and royal-looking.

Add it to your soup

Makin homemade soup? Roast a spoonful of protein seed mix in ghee or olive oil. Now, add it to your soup.

Wow! A little packet of protein mix seeds is usable in so many ways. It blows our minds! It is not only a perfect snack, which you can munch on whenever you like. But it also adds more nutrition and flavour to our usual breakfast meals and smoothies. 

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