7 Most Common Mistakes on the Moving Day And How To Avoid Them

Shifting houses is a multifaceted and time-consuming assignment. You have to start preparing your shifting procedure as soon as you decide to move. During the preparatory phase, you have to utilize the time and resources to build a strategic plan for the house shifting. If you don’t plan out your move in advance, you will end up in a messy situation. Procrastinating proper planning and preparation will have a repercussion on a moving day. In this article, I will discuss the most common mistakes on the moving day and how to avoid them. Check the following pointers:

1. Not being able to rise early

If you are not an early riser, life will give you lemons now and then. In my opinion, there should not have been a snooze button at all. People would be alarmed about the alarm button! But, don’t hit the snooze button on a moving day. It is normal to feel exhausted after preparing for the house shifting over the last few days. But if you feel that everything has already been planned and sorted; you can get some extra hours of sleep on the final day of the move, you are wrong.

You should go to bed early the previous night and get up early in the morning. This will allow you the window to take care of the last-minute preparations before the packers and movers arrive at your doorstep. None of your preparations will yield a positive result if you do not wake up early on a moving day.

2. Not packing an overnight kit

This is a common mistake that people make during house shifting. If you forget to pack an overnight kit, things can become chaotic in due course. An overnight kit helps you to stay put together on the first day after you move into your new house. So pack all the things that you will need on the first day like your dental kit, a fresh set of clothes and undergarments, bedspread, towels, basic toiletries, and some disposable cutlery.

Now imagine not packing an overnight kit and moving to your new house. If you need any of the essentials, you will have to rummage through all the packing boxes. It will not only be time-consuming, but it will also drain out your energy levels. So, as you prepare for the move, pack the overnight kit and stay sorted on the first day at your new place.

3. Not packing enough food

After an exhausting day of packing and moving your belongings from your current house to your new house, you surely won’t feel like preparing a meal. For that, you can order food from a takeaway near your new house. That is easy to consider provided you are aware of a healthy and hygienic food outlet nearby. Again, if you arrive at your new house late at night, all the food joints will be shut down at that time. So, you should pack enough food to get you through the whole day as you move into your new house.

4. Not booking the moving company at the right time

This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make during the house shifting process. Not booking your moving company at the right time can cause chaos at the last minute. You should appoint the packers and movers at least a month before your moving day. The moving company conducts a pre-move survey and a representative comes to your place to check your belongings and send you a quotation of the moving costs.

If you don’t get a pre-move survey done, your packers and movers will not be sure of the exact size of your move. They can charge you any amount they feel like. Again, if you book them at the last minute, you will not get enough time to verify the authenticity of the moving company. If the company is fraudulent, you will have no clue about it and you will meet a miserable fate.

Lastly, if you are conducting a house shifting during the summers, you will not be able to get a free slot. Summer is the peak season for the moving industry. So, due to the high demand for the packers and movers in Hyderabad, they will not be able to take your booking. There is an added risk of last-minute cancellations during the peak season. So, to defer all the risks, appoint your moving company way ahead of the day of the move.

5. Not stating your preferences

If you do not state your preferences to the packers and movers in advance, you will make a mistake. The moving team will not come prepared according to your expectations. If you need to move huge pieces of furniture, you need to get them dismantled. So, they have to bring the right tools for the job. If you need to move a fragile item, you need to encase it in a protective sheath and move it to your new place.

But if you do not mention what exactly you want from the moving team, they will not be able to help in carrying your relocation with perfection. Be specific about your wants as you communicate with your moving company.

6. Not getting the boxes marked

If the packing and moving are going as you expected, and you forget to mark the packing boxes, everything can go for a toss. All the packing boxes look similar from the outside and if you don’t mark them, you will not be able to understand which box contains what. Therefore, you should label the boxes or colour-code them. Assign each room a separate colour and mark the boxes with the same colour labels. It will help you move the right boxes into their respective rooms.

7. Not dressing in the right clothes

Even if you prepare and plan everything perfectly, the entire house shifting can still go wrong if you do not dress up in comfortable clothing. During house shifting, you have to keep moving places and carry out errands all the while. You cannot stomp around in heels or tight-fitted clothes. Maybe you prefer wearing them other days; you should completely avoid wearing uncomfortable clothes on a moving day.

Wear loose-fitting clothes and sneakers to stay comfortable. Again, make sure that the clothes do not have any loose ends hanging from the hemline. You do not want to trip and fall stumbling on the loose ends of your clothes amidst the commotion of the moving activities.

The Denouement

House shifting is a matter of hustle-bustle. How to make it smooth and organised depends on the way you prepare for the move. The above-mentioned pointers on the most common mistakes on a moving day and how to avoid them will help you stay alert during the preparatory phase of your move. So friends, prepare your move wisely and carry out your move with perfection. Till then, wishing you good luck!

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