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5 Summer Essentials for Your Australian Home

Australia’s hottest months are December, January, and February. The summer months Down Under are not only reversed from the northern hemisphere but also hotter and sunnier. While summer can be a great time to get outside and soak up the sun, sometimes you want to beat the heat at home. Whether you’re new to Australia or a born-and-raised Aussie, here are five must-have summer essentials for your Australian home.

Outdoor Furniture

Warm days mean you will want to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family, so invest in some comfortable outdoor furniture. Lounge chairs and a picnic table are a must. Get creative with colors and styles that match your home’s aesthetic. Consider adding a large patio umbrella to provide some shade. Enjoy cooler nighttime temperatures outdoors with some solar lights and bug netting.

Grill or Barbecue

The last thing you want to do on a hot summer day is heat up your kitchen. A grill or barbecue lets you enjoy delicious food without sweltering over a hot stove. Remember to stock your freezer with plenty of meat and some portabella mushrooms or veggie burgers for your plant-based friends. Nothing is better in the summer than having friends over for a barbecue.

Air Conditioning

The best way to beat the heat during the hottest days of summer is a good air conditioner. While a window unit can keep you cool enough, a central air conditioning system is best for the most comfort and efficiency. Search for air conditioning Canberra to find a professional who can help you install a new unit or upgrade your old one.

Thermal Curtains

Do you want to save money and keep your home more comfortable? Invest in a set of thermal curtains to insulate against summer heat and reduce the strain on your air conditioning unit. Thermal curtains not only keep your home cooler but also reduce glare on your television screen and block out light that can interfere with your afternoon nap. You can purchase these in many different colors and materials, so don’t worry about it being an obstacle to your home décor.

Lawn Sprinklers

Everyone loves a lush, green lawn, but summer heat can take its toll on your grass. Keep your lawn cool and moist by watering it with automatic lawn sprinklers. For best results, run your sprinklers only at night to reduce evaporation. It’s important to avoid running your sprinklers during times of drought to conserve water. Make sure to look into any regulations your area might have in terms of water use. You don’t want to break the law while trying to maintain your yard!

Remember that Australia’s sunny summer days are due to stronger ultraviolet rays that can increase your risk of sunburns, skin cancer, and cataracts. Enjoy your time in the sun, but limit exposure and always wear sunscreen. Consider using tint on the windows of your home and vehicle to further reduce sun exposure. However, with these five home essentials, you’re sure to stay cool.

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