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5 Inventive Ways to Upcycle Your Years Old Cotton Double Bedsheet

For years we have seen the repercussions of humans being extremely tolerant in their living strategies. Our mindless shopping habits have destroyed our mother earth like never before. Therefore, going green for nature is the only gift we can bestow as rational citizens. Also, to promote sustainability, recycling the years-old double bedsheets is the most effective idea one can implement. Amid the ongoing strive for living, it’s hard to take time and spend it transforming the old stuff. However, by turning such activities into your hobby, you can accomplish dual tasks. If you are interested in spending less and reusing things, consider reading this below: 

  1. Make the Most Colorful Rug For Your Home- If you believe ardently in your sewing skills, you can turn the compilation of double bedsheets into a colorful rug. Tear them into small pieces altogether, and sew to contrast that you cannot get anywhere. Believe it or not, this is the finest changeover you can give to your old cotton double bedsheet. Not just the rug remains intact for years but also looks fascinating, hence leading you to gain praise abundantly. 
  2. Make DIY shopping Bags and Say No to Plastic Bags- Every year, from the tons of trash hoarded from the waste, the minute pieces of shopping bags count the highest. Despite the innumerable restrictions imposed by the concerned authorities, it’s challenging to convince people to switch from plastic to cloth. However, if we turn out to be a little mindful, an old cotton double bedsheet can be our savior. It is possible to make several bags from only one bedsheet otherwise lying idle. The cloth bags not just look trendy but are robust as well. You can wash them effortlessly in the washing machine, and they turn novice as never been used.          
  3. Make Beautiful Curtains at no Cost- If you prefer to change and transform your abode frequently, a cotton double bedsheet can come to the rescue. The length of the cotton double bedsheet is fair enough to make 2-3 curtains by adding some other fabric to mix-match. You can take some suggestions from DIY videos claiming to teach upcycling in no time. Although it is not difficult as it seems, it just demands time and passion. The fitted bedsheet we purchase these days is already halfway to making curtains smoothly.  
  4. Create a Classy Apron- If you love cooking and are concerned enough about your clothes, a classy apron comes to the rescue. From old cotton single bedsheetsyou can make several aprons. Also, it is easy to make aprons from the sewing videos. You can add glam to it by sticking the patches on the pockets at the front. If you have embroidery skills, you can create anything by threads. 
  5. Pet BED- You must have spent thousands buying the best bed and top sheet for your dog. If you have been collecting the old bedsheet for years now, you can create a complete bed out of them. Adjoin them together and fill fiber in between to form a boho bed. The colorful texture looks alluring and would tempt your pet at once.

       In the End

Reusing and recycling is no more an activity to be hidden. It brings the creative artist in you and helps the planet rescue to a certain extent. Using old double bedsheets can be fun sometimes. Besides saving bucks spent in shopping for new items, it aids you to create some beautiful articles that are not even available in the market. Don’t throw away anything and be an inspiration for your upcoming generation!

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