5 Best Dog Training Tips from The Happy Puppers

Only feeding and walking the dog is not enough. Dog training is a crucial part of the dog care process. Discipline, mental stimulation, and community are all enhanced by regular dog training sessions. Training your dog isn’t always as easy as cuddling up with your pup, as you well know. It requires both you and your dog to invest a certain level of time and effort. If you want the best dog training tips, you should subscribe to The Happy Puppers. In this article, I will discuss five amazing tips for dog training.

Be patient.

You must understand that a ton of time, effort, and energy goes into the process of dog training. Modifying a dog’s behavior takes more than one attempt when training them (whether they are puppies or adults). Focus on training one command and getting it right before you move on to the next one. Start with the basic ones like sit, stay, and recall before you move to the tougher commands like off-leash training, etc. Animals don’t speak the same language as humans, so you’re communicating with them! Make sure you’re patient with your dog when teaching your dog what you want from him.

Never, ever blame or punish your dog.

Patience and a positive attitude toward training go hand-in-hand. Keep a positive attitude when training and communicating with your pet. Keep your voice down and don’t scold or yell at your dog. Do not repeat the commands multiple times. Say it once and allow your dog to process it. Reward the response with a pat on the back and treats for even the tiniest of accomplishments to encourage your dog’s behavior!

The Importance of Training at the Correct Moment

There is a lot of energy in dogs, and it is much easier to get them to pay attention and learn new commands if you allow them to burn off some of that energy. Make sure your dog has received plenty of exercises before you start dog training so that they will be attentive and you can get the most out of your time together. If your dog seems distracted, focus his attention on you before restarting the dog training process.

Make Use of Appropriate treats

The more work your dog puts in for a high-value reward, the happier they’ll be. The dog training results will be influenced by the foods you feed your dog. Focus on using enticing and delicious treats that your dog cannot refuse. If you use nonenticing treats, your dog will not listen to you or follow your instructions during the dog training process.

Praise the behavior immediately

Dogs don’t understand why they’re getting a reward when it comes more than a few seconds after they’ve done what you asked. This way, you are inadvertently rewarding the wrong behavior. Even though your dog will be delighted to accept it, you failed to reinforce the lessons you were trying to teach him. You need to provide the treat immediately after the dog follows your commands. Any delay in offering the treat will only confuse your dog further. Rewarding should always be done in a cheerful and upbeat manner.

As I mentioned before, check out The Happy Puppers for more tips on dog training, care, and psychology. I release a new blog post every week. Thus, if you are interested in becoming the best dog guardian, you should subscribe to the blog as soon as possible.

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