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Reference and Education

4 Benefits of Learning the Tajweed Quran

Allah values the proper recitation of the Quran in multiple places. The proper recital of the Quran affects both the reciter and the audience. We cannot comprehend the accurate recitation of the Quran without dedicated practice.

You should hire a tutor from a reputable Quran academy to learn Tajweed Quran. These are the features of the top 10 online Quran academies!

In this article, I will discuss the importance and benefits of learning the Tajweed Quran!

What exactly is Tajweed?

The term Tajweed is Arabic in origin. It denotes excellence in performance.

The Quranic Tajweed is to recite the Quran with excellence. Rules of Tajweed are vital for the flawless recital of the Quran.

The original way of reciting the Quran is linked with traditional Arabs. Current Arabs lack knowledge of the correct Tajweed norms of Classic Arabic.

The Objective Of Tajweed

The Quran contains the words of Allah Almighty. We must ensure that the recitation of the Quran is error-free.

It makes it simple and effective for the reader to recite the Holy Quran correctly. The rules of Tajweed specify the correct articulation points for each Quranic word.

Arabic letters contain articulation points and distinguishing properties. The articulate Points (Makhraj) are related to the movement of the throat during word reciting.

The Characteristics (Sifaat) identify the letter accurately. In addition, the Sifaat identifies and differentiates the letters.

The consistent application of Tajweed rules reduces or eliminates the possibility of recitation errors.

Importance Of Learning Tajweed Quran

Without Tajweed, there is no alternative manner to recite the Quran. Moreover, Tajweed principles are simple to memorize and apply.

There are numerous ways for a beginner to progress in Tajweed study.

It is impossible to comprehend the Quran without knowing Tajweed regulations. The genesis of language is the same as how the Holy Prophet receives the Quran.

There is no alteration in the language of Quranic passages. If you do not wish to alter the wording of the Quran, you must study Tajweed.

Reciting the incorrect letter of the Quran is a sin. The incorrect Quranic recitation misleads you and the audience regarding the Quran’s guidance.

Some Arabic letter pronunciations are challenging to decipher. The Tajweed rules provide a structure for constant practice and flow to learning this pronunciation.

There are two types of errors that Tajweed corrects;

Clear Errors

It involves determining the exact pronunciation of letters without conflating their meanings. It refers to easily detectable errors in the Quran’s recitation.

For example, your stop and start locations are distinct. It affects the letter’s meaning.

Hidden Mistakes

These include pronunciation errors that are difficult to notice. The specialists in Tajweed rules are notorious for making these errors. The average Quran reciter may not be aware of these errors.

For example, the pronunciation difference between light and heavy letters.

Benefits of Learning the Tajweed Quran

There are numerous benefits of learning the Tajweed Quran. I list several below;

1. Develop Quran Recitation Habit

Numerous Muslims do not recite the Quran aloud or consistently because they lack a solid understanding of its Tajweed.

The proper understanding and practice of Tajweed inspire sustained Quran recitation. Your interest in the Quran letters and Islamic wisdom grows as it becomes a habit.

2. Gain The Blessing Of Allah

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Allah Almighty place a high value on those who recite the Quran. Allah bestows innumerable rewards on those who recite the Quran in this life and the next. The Holy Prophet values the practices and efforts of recitation. Reciting the Quran is a good act that provides clear guidance for the proper path.

3. Tajweed Rules

For error-free recitation learning, you must know the Tajweed rules. Noorani Qaida is the most significant way to begin learning Tajweed regulations.

Noorani Qaida addresses correct articulation, correct halting, and correct accent. You compel letters and words to appear at the correct time and location with the correct pronunciation.

4. Quran Recitation Manners

Before reciting the Holy Quran, each reciter must possess many distinct beliefs.

Allah is the source of the Quran’s words; no human being originated these beliefs. Before reciting the Quran, the student’s other ideas should be resolved.

Before reciting the Holy Quran, the pupil must have a humble disposition. During the recitation of the Holy Quran, the student should be actively involved.

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