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15 Important Terms You Should Know in Social Media Marketing

Social listening, or social media marketing listening, is about online finding and monitoring public conversations. Those general conversations about keywords, phrases, and events interest you and discussions on social media about your brand and your business, industry, and competition. Discover patterns and trends that you can leverage.

For example, you can use a tool like Healthcare Marketing Agency to monitor customer posts about your brand. You can also track competitors or keywords according to how you filter your results.

Social listening helps you understand your customers, which helps drive sales and conversion rates.

Share of Voice (SOV)

This metric measures your brand’s influence in the marketplace. A higher SOV means your brand is more influential among your target audience. Nike and Adidas are examples of brands with a strong position in their respective fields in terms of reputation.

An example of measuring the influence and position of the brand with the Healthcare Marketing Agency

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis identifies users’ perceptions of your brand. Most social listening tools provide analytics based on your customers’ online posts and comments. Sentiment analysis also helps you understand how customers feel about what you offer.

Knowing this helps you make informed decisions like addressing negative comments to prevent PR crises.

Engagement rate

Engagement rate is a measure of how users interact with your brand. Interaction can be in many ways. It could be as straightforward as reading an article from your blog and watching product demonstrations. Having high engagement rates indicates a high level of engagement from the audience towards your brand.


Reach is a metric used to measure the prevalence of your content among targeted users on social media marketing agency. The more people who become familiar with your brand, the wider your reach. One of the best ways to increase reach is to promote your content through free marketing or paid campaigns through networks—ads like Facebook and Google Ads.

Social Media ROI

Social media ROI is calculated by dividing the revenue by the total money spent on social media campaigns. For example, if you allocate $1,000 to a Facebook campaign and generate $2,000 in sales, your ROI on social media is:

Earnings of $2000/$1000 of ad spend x 100 = 200% ROI.

Total time employees work, and employment is another metric you can use to measure ROI on social media rather than advertising spend.

Response Time

Successful companies have strong customer service performance, and the response rate is a good indicator of that. It’s how quickly your brand responds to and resolves customer questions and requests. Companies should aim for an average response rate of 15 minutes to maintain customer satisfaction.

An example of the response rate measurement:


Benchmarking criteria are used to measure your brand’s performance over time. For example, you can use them to measure your influencer marketing results for this year compared to last year’s to see if your brand is scoring better.

You can also compare with competitors using a social listening tool. This gives you an idea of ​​how your brand is performing in the market, which helps greatly in improving your business.

The volume of posts about your brand

Post volume about your brand can be similar to reach, but with some differences. Instead of tracking how influential your brand is, post volume measures the number of times the brand is mentioned on social media, i.e., the number of people talking about your brand.

Talking about your brand in a large number of publications is not necessarily a good thing. However, you may notice increased mention or talk about your brand if your company is experiencing a public relations crisis, so listening tools can help determine whether the volume of talk is good or a sign of having a problem.

Performance Metrics

Metrics of performance, alternatively referred to as okr vs kpi, measure your brand’s success in a particular area and whether that success helps achieve organizational goals. Common performance metrics on social media include:

  •  Reach (such as total views, likes, and shares)
  •  Attract potential clients
  •  sales figures

The metrics vary depending on your brand’s vision and mission, and a company focused on increasing awareness will have different metrics compared to criteria intended to attract more customers.


Influencer marketing is a common strategy that companies use today to launch products and generate massive sales. An influencer is a person or group who influences your target audiences, such as global and local celebrities, famous individuals on social media, and experts in different fields. Because customers trust them, influencers can help build your brand’s reputation or influence consumers.


It is an acronym for Pay-Per-Click, which marketplaces describe paid advertising. PPC campaigns work by charging advertisers when they click on an ad, which makes advertising cost-effective as companies pay only to customers who take procedures.


SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, a process used to help web pages rank better in search engines such as Google or Bing. So what is considered the most cost-effective marketing channel?

Social Analytics

Social media analytics is the process of understanding data collected from social media. Companies use technologies like artificial intelligence to turn data into valuable analytics that help make better business decisions.


Notification is the process of tagging or “mentioning” your company name on social media. Other company names, employees, and related keywords can also be considered as notifications to your company so that you can expand your results.

Most brands use social listening to track notifications, as doing it manually takes a lot of time and effort and is likely to backfire due to lag in notification tracking.

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